Tuesday 30 April 2019

Z - ZODIAC - Lessons from #NatureRepository

Did you ever feel connected to a person from a whole bunch?
Did you feel concern to a friend without his/her saying?
Do you know exactly how someone is going to behave?
Does your habits are closely similar to someone else?

Are you thinking of persons that fit in to this category? Have you ever wondered upon these issues? Is it coincidence or same life style?  

Today, we take up Zodiac for letter Z for #AtoZChallenge & #BlogchatterA2Z in our #NatureRepositoy series.

Zodiac compatibility also plays a great role to have a smooth ride of life. The similarities in thoughts actions work behavior connect all of us around the world, connected through the galaxy. Yes we cannot deny the fact that universe plays a role in our mannerism and the way we are connected to the other person. Personas falling in same zodiac do have behavioral and psychological similarities.

ZOdiac Compatibility - AuraOfThoughts

Monday 29 April 2019

Y - YEAST - Lessons from #NatureRepository

For the second last letter for the challenge #AtoZChallenge & #BlogchatterA2Z, we pick a nature’s creation YEAST.

If you are thinking why we have picked a topic from Fungi kingdom, then let us tell you that nature comes in every form, good or bad, safe or unsafe.

Yeast grows individually or in clusters, and most important is that they are evolutionary. Yeast can make many things, which is like magic. If Yeast is added in bread dough, then we have soft fluffy bread. So a little natural ingredient with a a capability to turn the entire bread soft.

So do we, humans have a part of Yeast in us?

Yeast like Humans - AuraOfThoughts

Saturday 27 April 2019

X - XEROPHYTE - Lessons from Nature #NatureRepository

Let us imagine a situation where 7 friends are stuck in a deserted place and are only left with one bottle of water. How will they manage, as their destination is quiet far? Probably they will only drink when they just can’t bear the thirst.

Well today with the third last alphabet X we have picked up the word 'Xerophyte'.  The xerophytes also survive exactly the similar way. These are the plants that need bare minimum water to survive in tough conditions. They are the desert flora which adapt to fight extreme temperatures. In most of the places xeroscaping is adapted as these plants require minimal or no maintenance.

Friday 26 April 2019

W - WAVES - Lessons from #NatureRepository

In our 23rd post for the series in #NatureRepository for #AtoZChallenge & #BlogchatterA2Z we have come up with Waves for letter W. Waves has astounding energy and power. Don’t believe it; take a look at the video which was shot by me last year at Kochi Fort, Kerela in India.

The sound of waves is so energetic, that I was forced to capture it for my future bundle of motivation. Waves have a special quality in them they keep on going. Yes 24*7 the waves keep rising keeps lowering but surely they are continuous.

Waves Magic - AuraOfThoughts

Become Published Author with #BlogchatterEBook Carnival

Our journey with Blogchatter started in 2016 one of the twitter chats which Blogchatter holds each Wednesday till date with topics that help Bloggers to grow. And we are growing with Blogchatter each day and in past 2 years we have published our eBooks in EBook Carnival and later we published on KDP.

Many ask us what is the advantage of publishing the eBook while you can directly publish it in Amazon KDP, so here are pointers.

Thursday 25 April 2019

V - VOLCANO - Lessons from #NatureRepository

Lets hop on to the 5th last letter 'V' of the #AtoZChallenge. We have picked the word 'Volcano' to drop in our bag of #NatureRepository. Volcano as we all are well aware erupts due to excessive pressure from within the earth's crust the top layers cracks open and spills out the red-hot molten lava and gases.

Italy's Vesuvius is the most dangerous volcano in the world. There are many reasons which causes volcanoes happen, when magma from beneath the earths crust rises to the surface of the earth pressure is build up in the mountain, and it eventually explodes. When the magma bursts out of the earth, it is called lava.  Anger in humans can be easily related to volcano, don't you agree?

Wednesday 24 April 2019

U - ULTRASONIC SOUNDS - Lessons from #NatureRepository

In our 22nd part of the series dedicated to the ‘Lessons from #NatureRepository in #AtoZChallenge, we shall ponder upon the one of the sounds that is above the audible level of humans, that is ‘Ultrasonic Sounds’.

Scientifically Ultrasonic sounds are sounds that are higher than 20kHz frequency. Humans are unable to hear it but can use such sounds for other purposes. Ultrasonic sounds help humans to detect the soft tissue injuries and guide humans in treatment in therapeutic conditions. Let us see what Ultrasound teaches us and how can we make most of the sounds with few devices in life

Opportunity quote - AuraOfThoughts

Tuesday 23 April 2019

T - TORNADO - Lessons from #NatureRepository

Today, we will look for side of ours that does ask numerous questions and has many inhibitions. I guess each one of us has a mini Sherlock Holmes or Bomkesh Bakshi residing in our mind that asks and doubts many scenarios in life?

I know it is often that we instead of simple interaction with our self we start doing a sever interrogation at times and doubt the flow of the events. But at times it is best to leave things on the current situation and sit and watch the change.
If you want to experience overnight change or a life to revolve 360 degrees then let the Tornado of events pass by, just stay still.

Changes in Life - MeenalSonal

Monday 22 April 2019

S - SUNRAYS - Lessons from #NatureRepository

S is for Sun and its Sunrays giving bright Sunshine.
We were not at all in dilemma for picking a topic for letter S for this #AtoZChallenge because Sun the biggest star in Universe and is serving us with bundles of energy.

We wake up when the sun rays reaches the earth illuminating everything around. The sunrays are full of life and are necessary to all the living things big or small. Everyday when we look at the sky sunrays welcome us and beautiful day starts with it. The days spread equally in all directions shining brightly dominating the darkest nights. The power packed sunshine is a boon of life to all.

Lessons of SUN - MeenalSonal

Saturday 20 April 2019

R - RAINBOW - Lessons from #NatureRepository

In the A to Z challenge journey we halt at the letter R and the word is Rainbow. A rainbow as we all know is a colorful band of 7 colors and is formed only when there is perfect combination, like a little of sunshine after mild showers. 

It is really mesmerizing to see how nature’s colorful extravaganza shows up in sky. Now let us hear what does a rainbow has to say? 

Friday 19 April 2019

Q - QUAGMIRE - Lessons from #NatureRepository

Today with the 17th letter Q in an #AtoZChallenge with our #NatureRepository series we have come up with the word Quagmire.
Yes Quagmire is nature’s creation; it is a soft wet area of land mostly filled with mud and one can get stuck in to it by walking on to it.

If someone is stuck into Quagmire, it becomes very difficult to come out of it on its own as the mud pushes body downwards. Person makes brisk movements to come out of it in hurry but cannot make it unless there is a pull from outside. We know getting stuck in a quagmire or also can be called as swamp is a dangerous situation, but one can surely come out of it.

Thursday 18 April 2019

P - PENINSULA - Lessons from #NatureRepository

Today let us explore a side of ours, which is little different. So today we pick a nature’s creation, which has 3 sides water, and the rest side is land. Yes you guessed it right we are talking about Peninsula. We choose Peninsula for letter P for the #AtoZChallenge. Let us see how Peninsula guides us in life with comparable factors.

It is easy for us to follow a set path or be in a group that is going in a direction. But only few make a different opinion or I must say only few from a group make a difference in the world. One should not hesitate to make a different choices and neither one should not restrict thoughts which brings in positive change in society.

Peninsula difference - AuraOfThoughts

Wednesday 17 April 2019

O - OCEAN - Lessons from #NatureRepository

Letter O has few words with nature but a big word for sure and that is O for Ocean in this #NatureRepository series for #AtoZChallenge.

Many witness Ocean and its majestic beauty; the way the blue flares and inspires millions of people is way beyond imagination. Ocean is kind of beginning of the earth, and are so huge that it takes days to travel a particular ocean. So lets travel for ocean within ourselves to find the hidden treasure.

Deep ocean secrets - AuraOfThoughts

Tuesday 16 April 2019

N - Night - Lessons from #NatureRepository

We could see the colorful aura that nature has spread all around and feel blessed to be the part of such a beautiful world. While the day is painted in multiple colors the night dons a black coat. Nightlife is totally different from the day. While the day is full of energy night possess a calm demeanor. So let us see what does this black dome of twinkling stars signify to us?

N is for Night for #AtoZChallenge #NatureRepository. Night teaches us many aspects of life, must say quite an interesting though.

Monday 15 April 2019

M - MOON - Lessons from #NatureRepository

Celestial bodies have significant impact on our lives, and Moon is one special among them. Moon, I can say is quite dearer as from childhood many of us must heard rhymes related with Moon as centric character and calling it out Chanda Mama.

Moon is the one of the best creations of the nature and it has many lessons in its mannerism for us humans to learn to. Moon and its phases are known to one and all, the best thing about it is that it keeps on changing its shape and look beautiful each time. Be it waxing or waning moon it tells me that one situation is not going to thrive forever and that motivates me to work continuously for betterment.

Saturday 13 April 2019

L - LOCATION - Lessons from #NatureRepository

Is it possible for us to reach a destination without knowing where it is?
Can we commute to a place without knowing how far it is?
Wouldn’t our journey be of any value when we don’t know where are we going?

The single answer to the above questions is NO.
We all need a destination address; we all need to know the distance for our final endpoint. Without knowing where are we heading to our every step in journey seems meaningless.  So what we need is a destination’s LOCATION, in general we need to know where are we heading before we start. 

Know your location - AuraOfThoughts

Friday 12 April 2019

K - KALEIDOSCOPIC NATURE - Lessons from #NatureRepository

Letter K in this #NatureRepository series for #AtoZChallenge can remind me nothing but kaleidoscopic nature's view. We create many beautiful and colorful patterns when we turn the kaleidoscope at different angles. So is our nature's Kaleidoscope, which paints the earth into many different colors.

Be it atop a mountain or a view below the sea, at every turn it leaves us mesmerized. I have poured my thoughts of Kaleidoscope in these series of Haiku. Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry of 3 lines with 5-7-5 syllable count respectively and it is mostly non-rhyming.

Thursday 11 April 2019

J - JUNIPER - Lessons from #NatureRepository

Today in #AtoZChallenge for letter J we have chosen a special tree called Juniper and the qualities it has are sure to notice and ofcourse a learning to enrich us.

Juniper tree or shrub varies in height from 40m to 120ft and are fast growing in nature. What people love about Juniper trees is that it adds beauty to their garden or yard and takes less space comparing to other trees. It is also known for its evergreen feature. It is also low maintenance tree that one would like to have.

Evergreen feature - MeenalSonal

Wednesday 10 April 2019

I - ISLAND - Lessons from #NatureRepository

I for Island for #AtoZChallenge 9th post in the series of #NatureRepository has a quite unique lesson for us.

Have you ever felt that being positive in life you end up thinking in negative manner?
Or have you ever wondered while keeping positivity all around, you still experienced a negative vibes from outside?

Yes, many times we all experience such incidents where other person negativity and pessimistic thoughts ruin our own thought process and approach. A thing going in right direction seems to lost focus and situations go haywire. 

So how to keep negativity from other at the bay?

Island and its values - MeenalSonal

Tuesday 9 April 2019

H - HORIZON - Lessons from #NatureRepository

Nature is such a beautiful gift of God with immense learning’s in it. It is really magical to watch the sun peeping through the skyline diffusing positivity around.

We are outpouring one such element of nature in today’s H post for #AtoZChallenge that is HORIZON.  A horizon gives us a wider view of both sky and land as though boasting loud to keep a wider perspective of things in life.

Each one of us take things with one’s perception and throughout life we believe in our own little world of thoughts but when we try to reach the same point through a different perspective our perception towards things changes.

Monday 8 April 2019

G - GRAVITY Lessons from Nature #NatureRepository

Yes you all read it right GRAVITY is the next nature topic we are going to talk about in this nature series #NatureRepository.
I guess we all remember the Newton’s discovery of body falling freely on earth because of gravitational pull of earth. It is the gravitational force that makes the fastest moving object in air to drop freely.

Similarly in life even humans need a gravity base, where they can come back after the free up-air movement. We humans also need a base to stick on or you can say to look upon.

Saturday 6 April 2019

F - FLOWER - Lessons from #NatureRepository

Flowers are one of the best gifts of to the humans. Whether it is the color or fragrance I still cannot decide what takes my heart out for them. So today I dedicate a post to flowers for Day 6 of AtoZChallenge for letter F.

Have you ever seen a flower blooming, it is so enchanting process, as each petal grows so is the smile. Fragrance of flowers has a powerful impact so much that it has an exceptional magic that makes the day energized and also makes one forget about any sufferings.

Friday 5 April 2019

E - ECLIPSE - Lessons from #NatureRepository

Nature is filled with many spectacular phenomenon and celestial movements are one of them. These celestial bodies which I believe still are most of it is unexplored.  It portrays many aspects for us humans to learn assess think and implement.  Today I have chosen the word eclipse for day 5 for letter E.

As we all know eclipse is a short transit of celestial bodies overshadowing another. But this phenomenon also has many learning’s in its share.

Though eclipse comes with many notions across the world, I believe it is a power nap of our mighty celestial bodies which rigorously keep working for us day and night. These set of haikus depict the eclipse behavior with every perspective.

Eclipse Lesson - MeenalSonal