Tuesday, 2 April 2019

B - BREEZE - Lessons from #NatureRepository

Have you ever felt that all your worries of past and few fears of future were gone at once?
Ever you have noticed that once you are in a natural surroundings, mind relaxes on its own without our command to it.
You must have atleast noticed that a tiny smile flashes on your face when you breathe in fresh air?

Yes, it is the Breeze, that swipes away our worries and future inhibitions to an extent that smile automatically flashes on our face.

Breeze swipes away worries -AuraOfThoughts

Breeze has such a power that it gives a person a soothing effect and leaves you felling refreshed and energized for futuristic events.

When I am in a fix, I just open the windows and let the breeze do it’s magic. Studies also show that a fresh air relaxes 80% of mind and makes a person to perform better. Nicholas Sparks brilliantly quoted That a day spent with dreaming and sunsets and refreshing breezes cannot be bettered.

Being close to nature and breathing with full lung strength will make you comfortable and think in a direction that is best for you. That’s why when you are in a vacation near beach or on a hill or to a place that is more close to nature your fears and inhibitions vanishes in few seconds.

A person can also act like breeze and be a supportive and non-judgmental so that your companion feels renewed and overlook about his/her anxieties. Be a fresh breeze and see the freshness that flows in the life.

Are you a nature curator?
We Meenal & Sonal are, nature lovers and observers too. So this year we have come up with theme #NatureRepoistory for #AtoZChallenge & #BlogchatterA2Z.
You will find Nature lessons with each alphabet through out April.

Tell us what is your story with breeze; share the moments when a breeze made you relaxed last time.



  1. True dear, a gush of fresh breeze from Mother Nature refreshes us like nothing else

  2. Oh I love being in nature! Living here in Malaysia on the equator, it is naturally boiling hot, so any breeze we get here is much appreciated simply for its cooling effects

    I am not sure if this will transform into a nice clickable link; if it doesn’t, just copy and paste it into your browser. (Sorry, not using the laptop):


  3. Manisha - A breath of fresh air has its own magic. Great Post.

  4. Breeze leaves a calming effect and had an effect which is hard to describe. Good one.

  5. Lovely post! As pleasurable as a fresh breeze :)
    Noor Anand Chawla

  6. Nature is a healer for sure but breeze? I cannot say. I can will my mind to clear things for me though.Nature balances my loneliness.... #blogchatterA2z

  7. Reading this post I'm reminded of the many times I've sat on Marine Drive to feel the cold sea breeze on my face. It truly melts all worries away.

  8. I had a deju vu reading this there was a park which i used to visit as a child it made me smil naturally 😊

  9. Breeze has the power to take away worries and leave us refreshed. I like your theme for A to Z.

  10. Love this series.. yup a good breeze can surelt blow all your troubles away. Can't wait for the next one..

  11. So true... This is a great challenge all the best for the future ones

  12. beautiful beautiful post!!! i can absolutely relate as just fresh air can uplift my spirits!

  13. Beautifully written dear.. I am one NAture person. AngTatva came into existence coz of my love to stay close to nature

  14. It is o true, breeze does make one happy from within. Loved reading this, eagerly waiting for your other posts.


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