Friday, 26 April 2019

Become Published Author with #BlogchatterEBook Carnival

Our journey with Blogchatter started in 2016 one of the twitter chats which Blogchatter holds each Wednesday till date with topics that help Bloggers to grow. And we are growing with Blogchatter each day and in past 2 years we have published our eBooks in EBook Carnival and later we published on KDP.

Many ask us what is the advantage of publishing the eBook while you can directly publish it in Amazon KDP, so here are pointers.

Advantages of Blogchatter EBook Carnival

1.   By participating in EBook Carnival, a deadline is set and you are sure to perform with the deadline. Else one tends to delay the self-publishing task.
2.   You get a platform where many other bloggers are publishing their book with Blogchatter, so you get a community boost too.
3.   You eBook gets 3 reviews, which are honest ones and that acts as a beta version of the book.
4.   It is for free for readers to download the book. Blogchatter has a certain number of the downloads set for books
5.   You compile the book in a simplest form that is first in MSWord and then into pdf version.
6.   You learn a lot from all this exercise, and later can decide whether to take this book further on which platform.
7.   You get to read different books of co-bloggers and can learn a lot from their experience of portraying things. These all things help for finish product while self-publishing on KDP or any other platforms.

Steps to publish EBook

1.   Start gathering all the posts under the theme you have chosen, we have chosen Relationships in year 2017 and Parenting in year 2018.
2.   When posts are ready make them in a flow and give headings to the posts in form of chapters that is best with theme.
3.   Read the chapters again and again, you can ask your family and friends to proof read it.
4.   Find an apt image to your theme from free photo sites and customize it with the book details
5.   Choose the catchy yet descriptive title for your book, dig hard at it and write down various possibilities and ask your friends and family , what comes in their mind after reading a particular title.
6.   Most important is the book blurb, as readers decide in that 20 seconds whether to pick the book to read or not. So work well with that.
7.   Write your biography that is Author Bio in third person manner and make it crisp yet in detail.
8.   Adding images in pdf or later in KDP is a cumbersome, so avoid it. Instead work well with fonts and other formatting.
9.   Make page numbers and title of the eBook visible throughout the eBook.
10.                 Tada! You EBook is ready to launch on Blogchatter EBook Carnival Launchpad.

So now don’t wait any more second if you wish to be part of the journey of blogger to author. Join 100 other authors in this journey. Registrations fro Blogchatter EBook Carnival closes on 5th May 2019, so you still have chance to register. Click here for registering for Season 4 of EBook Carnival hosted by Blogchatter

We have been EBook mentors last year and we are this year too to answer your queries. You can ask us simplest of simple question too regarding Ebook Carnival on Twitter tagging our social handles @AuraofThoughts & @Blogchatter with #BlogchatterEbook


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