Wednesday 10 April 2019

I - ISLAND - Lessons from #NatureRepository

I for Island for #AtoZChallenge 9th post in the series of #NatureRepository has a quite unique lesson for us.

Have you ever felt that being positive in life you end up thinking in negative manner?
Or have you ever wondered while keeping positivity all around, you still experienced a negative vibes from outside?

Yes, many times we all experience such incidents where other person negativity and pessimistic thoughts ruin our own thought process and approach. A thing going in right direction seems to lost focus and situations go haywire. 

So how to keep negativity from other at the bay?

Island and its values - MeenalSonal

To do this we need to learn from Island, natures creation, how to be surrounded by only positivity always.

Island is a drifted land that has waters on all its boundaries.  Island though is a part of land but has a manageable gap too.
Similarly, humans should also distant themselves from people and things that smears the positive aura with negativity and cynical thought process. Being away from such people and situation is the only solution for inner peace and serenity.

One can try spread the power of positivity only till he/she is not affected with others negativity. If latter is begins to happen then in such cases one should shut themselves with positive people and positive indulging habits.

So, now we know that if a particular person or situation brings gloomy time ahead, avoid it, stay away from it.

Have you ever stayed aloof from group to stay positive?
Have you tried to make a person approach on optimistic side in several attempts?

Share your ways in which you handle gloomy days/people.

Are you a nature curator?
We Meenal & Sonal are, nature lovers and observers too. So this year we have come up with theme #NatureRepository for #AtoZChallenge & #BlogchatterA2Z.

You will find Nature lessons with each alphabet through out April here.



  1. Staying away from negative people is the healthiest thing we can do for mental peace.they can pull us down and put in self doubt.i keep safe distance from such people.

    1. Having a clear belief in ourselves prevents our thoughts to mix with negativity.

  2. I always try to keep away from negative vibes and people. Physical or emotional, we must all have an island of our own to recharge and feel positive.


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