Wednesday 27 February 2019

Unusual Duo

“Wow! Weather is perfect for some hot simmering tea”, Sudha called Dishi in the balcony for evening snacks keeping the tray of Dishi’s favorites.

“The fragrance of sand and the sound of water showering are awesome”, Dishi said excitingly seating next to Sudha carefully.

Sudha quickly grabbed a chair and was happy to see a smile on Dishi's face. They both devoured into snacks and tea and enjoyed the moment silently.

Tuesday 26 February 2019

6 Best Unscented Baby Wipes in India

Newborn babies have very special features with them, they are so adorable, innocent and their expressions can make your day. One more feature that is prominent in newborns and toddlers is their fragrance.
Baby fragrance is so gentle that I as a parent don’t want it to merge with any baby product too. We often observe that most of us find some fragrances a bit disturbing. Like wise our little one may not like strong fragrance found in some of the baby products. And any kind of fragrance can be irritating to your little bundle of joy too.
Toddlers are delicate and the baby products used for them should be as natural as possible. One of the most used products round the clock is a baby wet wipe; yes we use to clean them up, to freshen up so this product has to be carefully chosen. There are plenty in market to choose from, but these are the 6 best-unscented baby wipes in India.
Unscented Wipes - Aura Of Thoughts

Sunday 17 February 2019

देश के वीरों को भावपूर्ण श्रद्धांजलि : Heartfelt Homage to Indian Soldiers

आज हवाओं में इतनी खामोशी क्यूं 
सरहद की हवाएं इतनी धीमी क्यूं 
गूंज सफेद पर्वतों की आज है गुम
सिसक रहा हर गली मौहल्ला क्यूं 

Wednesday 13 February 2019

Cherish your favorite memories together with a Portrait painting

Didn’t we all have some or the other memory or moment that we wish could come again and again in our life? These are the days that we live for and these are the memories that define our life. 
In the end all the material objects that you collect may not be useful or even remembered. What will be remembered is the impact that you have had on people’s life. So you should always ask yourself this question. What is my legacy? What is my impact on the world?

Friday 8 February 2019

How Parenting can make #AGenerationWithoutGenderBias

Raising children without being judgmental about their behavioral traits and more over on their gender is a huge change a parent can make to this society where by giving equal space for their son’s and daughter’s. We have joined in this campaign #agenerationwithoutgenderbias to voice our words over this issue hoping to imbibe change of thinking and mindset towards the concerns of gender bias.

You agree or not we are living in society where we hear a lot about gender bias and gender equality. We are not making girls superior or boys superior in this gender bias campaign what we are voicing is the equality that needs to be showered and the considerations one need to give to a human irrespective of gender.

Now the question comes is how can we have a society that is free of such pre mindsets over genders.