Sunday 17 February 2019

देश के वीरों को भावपूर्ण श्रद्धांजलि : Heartfelt Homage to Indian Soldiers

आज हवाओं में इतनी खामोशी क्यूं 
सरहद की हवाएं इतनी धीमी क्यूं 
गूंज सफेद पर्वतों की आज है गुम
सिसक रहा हर गली मौहल्ला क्यूं 

आज मन बडा उदास हुआ है,
माँ ने अपने होनहार बेटे खोये है
जिसे देख कर सीना चौडा होता था,
आज बेजुबां बनकर बस लेटे हुए है

आज आंसुओं का सैलाब आया है,
जब अपने सपूत को खामोश पाया है
दिल की पुकार काश तुझ तक पहुचे,
और तुम उठ कर लगाते गले हमें

आज खाली है शब्द कोश,
ना संभाल पायेंगे यह शोक
कुछ ना बोल पायेंगे वीरों के परिजनों से,
बस नम आंखें करोडों की बोल पडी उन सब से

आज सबका खून ख़ौल उठा है,
कायरों ने पीठ पे वार किया है
इसका जवाब ज़रूर देंगे देश के सैनिक,
जब तक ना चैन मिलेगा ना शान्ति अलोकिक

आज एक पल्डे में अत्यंत दुख है,
तो दूसरे पल्डे में अपार हिम्मत
सामना करेंगे हम होके एकजुट,
दिखा देंगे कायरों को रौद्र रूप

#PhulwamaAttack has shocked us and the entire nation. The grief is so hard to express, but still we have composed ourselves to gather few words to pay homage to the brave soldiers of our nation. 

We salute all the martyred soldiers and their family members.

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  1. Made my eyes moist, we cant even imagine the efforts and pain these Real Heroes take for our safety. JAI HIND.

    1. Yes a life without our heroes is unimaginable.

  2. The poem is so touching. Really we are enjoying our freedom all coz of them. Hope such attacks never ever happen.

  3. This poem has been written so well that itbrought tears in my eyes...A salute to all the soldiers who sacrifice their lives so that we can stay safe..

    1. Thanks Ritu, in this time of an hour we can only pray and stand together.

  4. This is not only a poem but deep words that forces everyone to think whats wrong? We r so fortunate to live peacefully at our homes caz of brave soldiers

    1. Pooja, truly we are fortunate to be born in India.

  5. Such a beautiful poem with deep underlined meaning. You should publish a book one day.

    1. Oh my God, such a big compliment coming from you Anahita, this comment made our day.

  6. No words can actually explain the pain we are facing after the attack but ur poem has still managed to bring tears in my eyes

    1. Thanks Sneha, these poetic lines from us are straight from heart.

  7. Heart touching n true deep lines. Salute to our Brave Soilders


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