Tuesday, 26 February 2019

6 Best Unscented Baby Wipes in India

Newborn babies have very special features with them, they are so adorable, innocent and their expressions can make your day. One more feature that is prominent in newborns and toddlers is their fragrance.
Baby fragrance is so gentle that I as a parent don’t want it to merge with any baby product too. We often observe that most of us find some fragrances a bit disturbing. Like wise our little one may not like strong fragrance found in some of the baby products. And any kind of fragrance can be irritating to your little bundle of joy too.
Toddlers are delicate and the baby products used for them should be as natural as possible. One of the most used products round the clock is a baby wet wipe; yes we use to clean them up, to freshen up so this product has to be carefully chosen. There are plenty in market to choose from, but these are the 6 best-unscented baby wipes in India.
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1.   Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes: MotherSparsh has launched their #UnscentedWaterWipes range of wipes, which keeps in mind all the requirements of the baby. The #SuperThickWipes 99% water based making it milder for the delicate baby skin. These super soft cotton based #SensitiveWipes made from #MedicalGradeCloth are free from chemicals that make baby skin to nourish naturally.

·      #MotherSparsWipes are #FirstWaterWipes which are 99% Water based Wipes
·      Clinically Proven
·      Suitable for NewBorn
·      Dermatologically Tested
·      Super Thick Baby wipes
·      Can be used as #HandAndMouth wipes too
·      Biodegradable
·      Plus these are #ExtraGentleWipes for my little one 
I like to use Mother Sparsh baby wipes as it fulfills all my pointers in my checklist. You can check out MotherSparsh Baby Wipes at leading online stores Flipkart & Amazon too. 
2.   Johnson & Johnson Baby Wipes: Johnson & Johnson are in the baby care market since decades and their baby wipes are also promising, these wipes also protects new born against the redness and rashes. These wipes are also enriched with moisturizer and are clinically proven mild.

·      Soft to newborn skin
·      Allergy tested
·      Protect against redness and rashes
·      Clinically proven mild
·      Enriched with moisturizer
3.   Himalaya baby wet wipes: Himalaya baby care products are in market in quite a time and are quite satisfactory. Himalaya baby wet wipes are made with Indian lotus extracts and aloe-vera. This combination in the ingredient of the wet wipe makes it mild to use on newborn babies. These wipes are also infused with Himalaya baby lotion.


·      Power of herbs
·      Alcohol free
·      Made up of Lotus extracts & aloe vera
·      Perfect pH balanced formula
·      Infused with Himalaya baby lotion
4.   Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes: These are the wet wipes that are perfume free and keeps your baby fragrance intact. No harsh chemicals are used in these wipes. These wipes are prepared with extra ingredients to keep your sensitive baby skin intact without causing any redness or irritation.

·      Parabeans Free
·      #PerfumeFree
·      Safe for kids with sensitive skin
·      Clinically tested
·      #GentleOnSkin
5.   Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes: Huggies in India is doing a great. Their products are also well accepted by all. It is made up of natural fibers and is soap and chemical free. It is also enriched with Vitamin E to moisturize baby skin with use of baby wipe.

·      Clinically Tested
·      Safe for Sensitive Skin
·      pH balanced
·      #FragranceFree
·      Extra soft & gentle
6.   MotherCare Baby Wipes: These wipes are under All We Know Fragrance Free baby wipes. Mothercare range is always satisfactory for the parents.  This range is especially designed to be fragrance free in the baby wipes. These wipes are gentle on skin and are dermatologically tested.

·      For new born babies
·      #GentleOnSkin
·      Fragrance free
·      Dermatologically tested
·      Hypoallergenic tested
So why not choose one from the above to gear up before your toddler sets out for an amazing exploration. Do let us know your feedback about your pros and cons for the product in the comments section below, till then happy cleaning and happy parenting.



  1. Pampers are always my fav and I loved that you shared such perfect list !!

  2. Mother sparsh is a great brand and their products are so good. I had used this wipes and had a great experience with it. great post and you had covered all the points well in this post with proper detail

  3. Agree choosing the right baby wipes is not an easy task. Thanks for summing them up

  4. mother sparsh wipes are our favourite too buddy, your list indeed isv comprehensive

  5. Yes, these are some of the best brands of baby wipes and I remember using these all to check which one is better for my baby. I really like Himalaya & Mothersparsh, these suited really well to my baby.

  6. Mother sparsh so far has the best new launched brand in the market, not just mild and all natural but a big hit among the new moms too

  7. Its a well curated list of the best baby wipes. will share with my friend who has a small baby.

  8. hey nice informative post on wet wipes what I use and like is j&j… nice write up.

  9. Penguin is allergic many chemicals and I try choosing gentlest wipes when needed. I have used a few brands from the mentioned list with satisfaction. This post would help many parents looking for good options for wipes.

  10. Mothersparsg wipes are something that I have been regularly using for my kids. It is soft and gentle and I have also reused it

  11. I have used most of these wipes and found Mothersparsh and Mamaearth wipes are both good and very gentle for baby's skin.

  12. This is a very useful list for new moms to be aware of. Often fragrance can be irritating for baby's sensitive skin.

  13. This is a nice list. My bhabhi uses Mothersparsh wet wipes for my nephew. They are really good

  14. I have used Johnsons and Himalaya baby wipes and was satisfied with the results of both.Pampers and Mothercare are also good brands.We can trust on it.


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