Tuesday 31 December 2013

Believe In Yourself

The above line though very familiar but holds a lot of values. These simple words has an in depth meaning and boosts our self confidence. It instills in us an immense energy.

There are times when we learn many thing from the world around unknowingly. If we carefully observe there is a message every creature gives by its acts. Every morning when I hear the chirping of birds it instills a kind of energy and happiness and let me forget all worst happened and encourages to start afresh.

Sometime we feel low and start underestimating ourselves, instead we should try to learn from these little creatures, how they start their day with amazing energy and a zeal to achieve something. They start their day with amazing confidence in search of food for their young ones and return to their nest in the evening satisfied and to again resume to their duties the next day. It is our own duty to not let ourselves down under any circumstances and live our life to its fullest.

Unfold the hobbies you have and work on them in your free time. It will not only satisfy us but also boosts our morale. Sometimes we just back out thinking that we are too old for it. But that’s not true if we have a belief in a thing then nobody can refrain us from doing that.

Don’t let boredom to hover on you and take you under its control, instead utilize it to understand your strengths and use them to achieve something valuable. Always set some goals and try to achieve them. In the beginning we may face many problems sometimes the circumstances around us does not allow us to achieve our goals. But if our belief is strong we can change the things around and can achieve what we want to do in life. Don’t let others suppress our belief.

Our inspiration is always our thoughts. Have faith in your actions and think accordingly. Because the stronger is our belief the more difficult it becomes for anybody to move us. There are many people who achieve the impossible because they had a vision and strong belief that they can do it. Dreams will ultimately become a reality.

Create a healthy environment around and try to concentrate on all odds which will gradually allow us to reach for our goals. Life without any goals set is meaningless. It makes us dull and boring. Passionate people can achieve anything in life. Thus, we should start believing in ourselves. So keep a positive attitude with loads of energy as the word impossible itself says I am possible.

@ Meenal

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Wednesday 25 December 2013

Precious Gift

Festivals fill a lot of fervor in one and all isn't it.

Christmas is around and everywhere it is party and celebration time .Most importantly a break from the regular hectic schedules where we hardly find time for each other. Those who are living away from their families ,this is the only time when one want to rush back to our loved ones and make the most of our life.

Home coming fills our heart with lot of happiness which could be easily reflected through our eyes. The cheerful faces fills us with lot of energy and shows how much we love and care .Everyone would like to cherish these moments in life and with those memories we can happily spent the rest of our lives.

Really festivals are very good way to let people forget their past differences and bind everyone. They are magical.

Monday 23 December 2013

Free Yet Caged

One sunny pleasant morning after finishing my morning chores I walked into my room to pick a book and sit in a balcony to read it. And suddenly I noticed a pretty white pigeon was sitting on my balcony railing.

I gazed at it for few seconds and then thought to take few pictures as it was a rare moment. I searched for my phone swiftly but calmly as I did not want pigeon to fly away. I captured the beautiful pigeon in few pictures. Here is the best shot picture 

This click was special as our housing society has plenty of grey colored pigeons. I was very happy to look at pictures and the moment I went little closer to the door it flew away.

After going through the pictures I realized though I clicked a free roaming pigeon I could see it behind the iron bars and fine mesh (which were of my balcony door). It was free yet caged pigeon in a picture. Then a thought came across which was a kind of eye opener.

Even our mind is free yet caged in few cases. Sometimes our mind is so preoccupied with beliefs’ that we straight away disagree with something’s unless we do some out of the box thinking.

If I was able to open the door calmly and had taken pictures, I could see a free bird. Same way we also have to unlock the doors of our mind and look at the matter afresh. Point of view from other side could be different in a particular scenario; it’s just a matter of free thinking without any boundaries.

Many times we are stick with our notions and think that a simple disagreement of it can shake our belief. We are in a pre-decisive state and our prior knowledge of thoughts and facts do not allow us to accept changes in life.

We have to be little feasible and should walk the other side of the argument too. Few times stepping in one’s shoes can make you realize the actual situation and intensity of decision. A gardening job seems simple to you unless you yourself try it. It also needs expertise and art as other jobs do.

By thinking and analyzing facts from other side life could be viewed from totally different angle, and this angle could be more bright and clear. Sometimes listening to your unconscious mind helps you take decisions consciously.

So make your mind free from cage (prior believes) and enjoy life with freedom of new and refreshing thoughts.

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination”- Albert Einstein

@Sonal Mathur
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Wednesday 18 December 2013

Just Do It !

By reading the title many will be reminded by a tagline of famous brand NIKE. Whenever I come across Nike symbol in malls, newspaper or websites it generates energy into me to do something new without any hesitation.

Whether you are planning for a new business model, or venturing with your savings in finance market, or making a new dish or it may be as simple as trying out a new hairstyle you need a courage to start it at least. In all these activities you really need an inner voice that says “Just Do It”.

Once the task is executed you are much relieved and free from the burden of its consequences. Few times inner voice can be heard from your family, friend, or mentor who shows unconditional faith and support in tough times.

Taking up a new assignment and believing that it will complete without any shortcomings gives a high in a life. So get up and do the things which you wished to do but could not due to fear of failures. Try it out you will be much relaxed person.

@Sonal Mathur
Linking with ABC Wednesday for the Letter J for Just Do It

Tuesday 17 December 2013

Giving Away....A great satisfaction

We all desire that everyone around us stay happy. We put in a lot of efforts for that. It’s good to be satisfied with what we have and try doing things in life which gives you eternal happiness. We can share our happiness not only among our friends, family members, but also with whoever we know or come across with.

As kids feel contented if they receive a chocolate, for them that is happiness. But as we grow older our definition for happiness keeps changing .A person can only stay happy if he or she try to find happiness in every little things he has.

It is said that “A Smile has no barriers and can travel miles”, so keep smiling and make others smile too. This little gesture which requires no effort gives a lot of satisfaction within us. Sometimes we may not know that the things which we feel very meager may be of great value to others. So start feeling contented with what we have and share the surplus 

If you haven't any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble
@Meenal Mathur