Wednesday 18 December 2013

Just Do It !

By reading the title many will be reminded by a tagline of famous brand NIKE. Whenever I come across Nike symbol in malls, newspaper or websites it generates energy into me to do something new without any hesitation.

Whether you are planning for a new business model, or venturing with your savings in finance market, or making a new dish or it may be as simple as trying out a new hairstyle you need a courage to start it at least. In all these activities you really need an inner voice that says “Just Do It”.

Once the task is executed you are much relieved and free from the burden of its consequences. Few times inner voice can be heard from your family, friend, or mentor who shows unconditional faith and support in tough times.

Taking up a new assignment and believing that it will complete without any shortcomings gives a high in a life. So get up and do the things which you wished to do but could not due to fear of failures. Try it out you will be much relaxed person.

@Sonal Mathur
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  1. Yes it is a great image of inspiration. I find that the beginning of a project is always so difficult, if I can only get over that its all sailing.

  2. I appreciate your encouraging attitude!


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