Monday 30 April 2018


Zip it! Zip it well!
No leakage from Zip lock pouch is guaranteed.

Yes this is so true and many of us have witnessed the perfection of Ziplock pouches.

In our last part of #ParentingIntangibleWonder series, we are going to discuss about how to make the bond stronger than ever by eliminating external factors.

Saturday 28 April 2018

Yatter Chatter

Have you ever been to fantasyland where everything is present according to your wish? If you have not been there, at least you have imagined one in your childhood. Yes we are going to talk about little silly yet magical moments of our childhood in this second last part of series #ParentingIntangibleWonder.

Talking to your children about chocolate cloud or any other fantasy makes them at ease and they tell you each detail of their imaginary world. Yes sometimes it is completely okay to indulge in trivial conversations with your child.

Friday 27 April 2018

X Box : Variety in Life

The third last post from our series #ParentingIntangiblewonder essays all about newness in life. 

As X box have multiple options to entertain us we should also encourage our children to always experiment various things in life. This newness maintains freshness among all providing a lot of experience too. Each time this charm of freshness can be   maintained if we look through our child’s point of view. 

Thursday 26 April 2018

Words in Mouth

We are in so hurry sometimes that we don’t wait for other person to respond and either assume or guess the answer. In such a situation we become Amitabh Bachhan of KBC giving option to others, looks humorous but give a thought we all must have done this and particularly with children.

In our 23rd part of #ParentingIntangibleWonder series  we will talk about the options of answers we give to children in reply to our own question. And lets discuss how children behave in those scenario
“Why is your shirt so dirty, Raj?” asked a super anxious mother.

Raj was about to answer “Mamma, I actually…”

“Actually what?

Wednesday 25 April 2018

Voltage Fluctuations

Everybody must have experienced voltage fluctuations in our homes and at few times fluctuation is so high that electronic devices can’t bear the fluctuation and are destroyed.

Similar to voltage fluctuations are our mood fluctuations, which are commonly called as mood swings. In this 22nd part of our series of #ParentingIntangibleWonder lets discuss, the mood fluctuations and its effects.

Tuesday 24 April 2018

Unfair Comparison

Our parenting lessons just can’t be complete with this post on uniqueness of every child.

Every child has an inherent quality and this can be clearly seen among the contrasting nature of even the siblings. Their likes, dislikes, favourite food or color dosen’t match at all. If one easily makes friends while the other find some time to mingle.

Monday 23 April 2018


Our 20th chapter in #ParentingIntangibleWonder series deals with tantrum and it’s effect. If you are thinking only children have tantrum and we adults manage things accordingly, then my friends you are half correct because even adults have tantrums and kids deal with it. Only difference is that kids can’t manage or explain us but we as adults manage their tantrums and sometimes play harsh on their unwanted demands.

Yes, friends it’s only that adults name their tantrums as habit, behavior, or so called their need to survive. Lets see few simple situations where we adults show our tantrum triat as kids.

Sunday 22 April 2018

Adaption is easier with Pearson

World gets smaller when we are able to communicate with others in a splash of second, the same closeness gets converted into depth of ocean if we are unable to communicate.

Need of Communication

Saturday 21 April 2018

Sound Sleep : Importance of Sleep in Children

Sleep and its importance in children and parent life is one the important aspect to deal with. You maybe wondering what is rocket science in this feature but let me tell you in this 19th part of the series #ParentingIntangibleWonder that SLEEP has few nuances and if done with few conditions then there is a magical transformation in child.

Yes, sleep is important part of our daily routine and most important for children too. It is advisable that children aged from 2-7 years sleep for 11-12 hours and 7-12 for 9-10 hours. Sleep is required rest by the body and mind, or one can say system reboots after a GOOD sleep. There are also multiple benefits when parents co-sleep with children, read all the benefits of co-sleeping on Child's Development.

How one gains from a sleep is the key? Do you find child irritated after sleep or you meet an energetic child after sleep? Why contrasting outputs by same hours of sleep you may wonder.

Friday 20 April 2018

How children can handle Rejection : #ParentingMantra

Lets hover over our 18th topic on how to teach the kids to handle rejections? This is among the pivotal lesson that every child should be taught.

We have seen many children getting annoyed or rather get very cranky when they lose a game or a competition. It is human nature where each one want to be at the top of the ladder, but that is not possible; sometimes we win and sometimes we loose. But the main prospect is to deal with the rejection with grace.

Thursday 19 April 2018

Quality vs Quantity

No we are not going to discuss quantity of toys or books or dresses your child demands. These are trifle issues when the matter comes to TIME.

Our 17th parenting topic is about Quality Time vs Quantity Time. 
Quality time is what kids need the most from you. One must savour the quality moments spent with kids as that lasts in our memories forever and will never come again.                                   
Lets us take a simple example from our day to day life. If you are with your child and busy with your laptop or phone the whole day and if you say that they have spent a day with kids then you are incorrect!

Wednesday 18 April 2018

Perfect Partner

The 16th extract from #ParentingIntangibleasset speaks about how one must involve the kids in the activities we do.
It’s very important to involve the kids in the activities of the house to let them understand the importance of each task in every aspect and moreover they feel attached to the activities and responsible.

Many a times we have seen elders avoiding the involvement of kids thinking they will not be able to windup things as fast as we elders do or they may put up ample questions which would delay the task. But it’s not the right way, we know children are great observant and are curious to act like us. 

Tuesday 17 April 2018

Own Your Battles

Battles! Yes to be more precise innocent battles among kids for batting first in cricket game, or who is going to chase in a game or as simple as who will sit on window seat in school bus is the most common scenario everywhere.

In this 15th parenting themed post lets look at the ways to conquer these kinds of battles among kids. Every time your child comes to you complaining about a friend or playing mate in a park/school,

Monday 16 April 2018

Negotiation Skills : How to convince child positively

“I want this Avengers game. I want it, want it want it!” Came the verdict from a child to his mother next to me in a toyshop, where I waited for the reaction of mother.
She said “we have a similar one at home”.

“But this is a new version, and even my friend has it”, replied enthusiastic child; and the next moment his mother even added this Avengers game to the billing list.

I kept on wondering child gave a proper reasoning to receive the game but here his mother couldn’t reason out for NO. 

Saturday 14 April 2018

Monotonous Tasks

In this post lets deal with the need of completion of monotonous tasks. There are many chores in a day that are monotonous but needs to be completed with commitment.    Children tend to avoid tasks such as arranging bookshelf,

Friday 13 April 2018


The twelfth lesson on parenting deals with, when to be strict with kids, how much.
We will take each aspect one by one:

Its very thought provoking concept as to when we as elders should correct our kids and sometimes even possibly taking strict action. Its not right to always keep pressuring the kids to be focused should be an absolute no-no. Make them learn by setting examples; you do a task in a particular way then let the child observe you. 

Thursday 12 April 2018

4 ways to Kick-start Child's mornings on Positive Note

Lets walk towards our eleventh parenting topic, hurdle of waking up our kids in morning to get ready and off to school in time.  So many things need to be completed on time probably I should say in time.

Getting out of bed is what kids usually don’t like especially on a cozy winter day. A few kids are early risers and so are easy to handle but lets talk about the kids who just ignores wake up calls and feel reluctant to step out of the bed.

There may be many factors,

Wednesday 11 April 2018

Jack of All

‘Jack of all trades, master of none’

In the 10th parenting lesson of series #Parenting Intangible Wonder, lets focus upon hobbies or co circular activities of children and their selection.

Have you seen a list of activities in your neighborhood, they range from art to craft, singing to dancing, and in sports there is ample variety to choose from be it Tennis, Football, Basketball, Skating, Karate, swimming or cricket and not to forget theatre & dramatic classes.

Lets see a common scenario in a house.

"Hey Joe you should hurry for your dance class", says a doting mother to which she gets reply "Mom, I am tired..."

Mother says annoyingly,  "Set your time table accordingly, now hurry up."

Tuesday 10 April 2018


Aman, I have renewed the car insurance.
Great Anju, I am done with our joint policy and
Mamma, where is my bat. My bat my bat….Rakshit kept singing the song my bat unless Anju found his bat from his shelf.

Anju, you mentioned your cousin visit to city, when was it?
It’s next month second week Aman!

Monday 9 April 2018

Homework Tips

Our eight parenting lesson is on Homework. Many parents get blues by listening to this word as for few of them this is the toughest task in home and kind of moving a mountain by inch. If you are thinking all parents with the children below average struggle with these issues, then you are wrong. 

Saturday 7 April 2018

Genetic Judgments

He loves jumping on Sofa, like a superman.
God knows why is she so loud?
He doesn’t help in house chores, he is always in playful mood; typically boy.
Sit properly, girls doesn’t sit like that.

All among us must have heard these sentences in our lifetime at least once either from family, friends or from social gatherings.

Friday 6 April 2018

False Promises

Lot of time and effort is given to gain child’s trust, and it can be vanished in a splash of a second with false promises. 

Parents make many promises to child right from their birth, either they tend to forget the promises with passage of time or doesn’t give much weightage to promises.

Thursday 5 April 2018


Yes you read it right; EMERGENCY is the fifth and important aspect of parenting. Being parents, we need to be ready for an emergency situations with plan of action set and emergency numbers handy to deal with any extreme scenarios.

Wednesday 4 April 2018


We all are very familiar with our home doorbell, in fact in a miniscule of second when we are about to reach to open the door we play a guessing game as to who might be up this time and for what purpose. 


  I say YES to world of prosperity, 

which helps me move ahead. 
Shows me diversity in humans,
yet togetherness is harmonious. 

I say YES to world of beauty, 
where color doesn't decides duty.
Where no opportunity is biased, 
efforts are measured and praised.

Tuesday 3 April 2018

Cultivate when Young : Parenting Mantra to Cultivate Habits

Cultivating good habits is the third most important aspect of good parenting. And that starts with day one from when the child starts understanding you. 

Aura Of Thoughts -ParentingIntangibleWonder

Monday 2 April 2018

Boundaries & its Significance

A parent always tries to fulfill the unlimited demands of a child, but at times parents also require saying “NO” to few demands. This little word NO, holds a lot of importance and restricts a child from doing it again. This is nothing but setting boundaries for our child, which is an important aspect of parenting.

A boundary is nothing but a line drawn around us to know from where to start and where to end; which always makes you feel safe and sets mind to work within it. We often set boundaries for ourselves and work within it. And we also do the same for our children; child too feels protected and learns many things through it.

As a parent we need to make a child understand that limitations are not always restrictions done in a negative way nor they are a kind of punishment. Limitation’s is not stopping one to perform instead it is a kind of a line drawn to get benefited through them and limitations done in a right manner are always fruitful. “Boundaries are meant to protect life but not limit our pleasures” very aptly quoted by Merlin Wilde.

Sunday 1 April 2018

Appreciation & Its Magic : #ParentingMantra

Parenting starts with this little gesture, yes ‘Appreciation’ which makes a child stands out with confidence.

Saying good words and sharing them with everyone is a good habit, which parents can instill in a child. The tender heart lits up when we tell them that they have done something great. It’s not necessary to gift a child expensive items but a pat with a smiling face can do wonders.