Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Jack of All

‘Jack of all trades, master of none’
In the 10th parenting lesson of series #Parenting Intangible Wonder, lets focus upon hobbies or co circular activities of children and their selection.

Have you seen a list of activities in your neighborhood, they range from art to craft, singing to dancing, and in sports there is ample variety to choose from be it 

Tennis, Football, Basketball, Skating, Karate, swimming or cricket and not to forget theatre & dramatic classes.

As a parent one has a huge choice variation to select for activities for children. Be sure your child can master in particular field with proper guidance than participating in most of the classes. 

But one needs to be mindful and aware of child needs while selecting such classes. And the question comes which activities to select and how. Don’t make a choice in hurry and regret it later. Let us see few pointers to keep in mind to select activities:

Select the area, which interests your child, seems simple but is difficult task to read child’s mind.
If your child needs physical fitness, choose sports instead of drawing.
If your child needs handwriting improvement then choose artistic skills, the flow and brush strands will help child to improve.
Select activity that can channelize children energy properly.
Not all children are same; so don’t compare the achievements of others in any field.
Maybe your child is great speaker and not good runner, so enhance child’s public speaking than asking him/her to participate in marathon.

And don’t push them in any field, let it be their call as this may rest in dwindling interest of a child. Be a guide in their interest and not leader.

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  1. This is a thought provoking post! Parents should not rub in their interests on the child. Thank you for sharing

    1. Yes it is important to give child what they want and not what we desire.
      Thanks for dropping by AuraWorld.


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