Wednesday 4 April 2018


  I say YES to world of prosperity, 

which helps me move ahead. 
Shows me diversity in humans,
yet togetherness is harmonious. 

I say YES to world of beauty, 
where color doesn't decides duty.
Where no opportunity is biased, 
efforts are measured and praised.

I say YES to world of variety, 
to the food & culture of originality. 
Where roots grounded & thoughts mounted, 
living here is like dream enchanted.  

When I wakeup with a smile, 
no tasks or worries to pile. 
World is with me all this while,
as I walk another happiness mile.

My chores completed with sincerity, 
all goodies earned up to gratuity. 
Rewarded by all for loyalty, 
as I walk another mile with honesty. 

My dreams filled with liveliness,
shows me world full of cheerfulness. 
I plunge to say YES with bottom of heart 
to the well crafted world of art.

These are my reasons for saying YES to the world as being open-minded person one can see the world with new perspective each time you visit a place.  So let the exploration give you many surprises in future. Look at the various reasons people have posted in this video.


What is your reason for saying YES to the world? Share your views in the comments section below.


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  1. In learning to say 'No', we often forget how important it is sometimes to learn to say 'Yes'.
    Nice one! :)


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