Thursday 5 April 2018


Yes you read it right; EMERGENCY is the fifth and important aspect of parenting. Being parents, we need to be ready for an emergency situations with plan of action set and emergency numbers handy to deal with any extreme scenarios.

Parents should also make children aware of emergency situations through role-plays and prepare them accordingly to deal with it. Like children should know whom to reach in emergency situations in house, school or in social places. Kids aged between 5- 12, should be memorized with emergency numbers so that they can react in time.

We all read fantasy, moral stories to kids but one should not keep children away from reality of world. Making children ready for emergency can be fruitful in many ways. For example if you are alone with kid in house and you start feeling dizzy, first thing your child need to do is give a glass of water, call a family member or call trusted neighbor. 
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And if you are on outing and child has wandered a new place then landmarks and phone numbers play a vital role. Child needs to know all emergency numbers and operative buttons be it in a vehicle or even as regular lift.

Being well prepared to circumstances keeps you and your child equipped to deal with it in efficient and smart manner.

Sharing this post with AtoZ Challenge 2018, Day 5 - Letter E - E for EMERGENCY.

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  1. This is so important for kids to know. I hope we can teach such emergency measures (like a simple giving glass of water) to kids in school too.

    2018: A-Z

    1. Yes Deepa, we forget that our children can be rescuers too in critical situation.

  2. Well said, it is important for kids to know the emergency numbers and also how to respond in a crisis as well.

    1. Yes Shilpa kids should always be prepared for the worst....Keep visiting!


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