Monday 16 April 2018

Negotiation Skills : How to convince child positively

“I want this Avengers game. I want it, want it want it!” Came the verdict from a child to his mother next to me in a toyshop, where I waited for the reaction of mother.
She said “we have a similar one at home”.

“But this is a new version, and even my friend has it”, replied enthusiastic child; and the next moment his mother even added this Avengers game to the billing list.

I kept on wondering child gave a proper reasoning to receive the game but here his mother couldn’t reason out for NO. 

Children are nowadays smart enough to dumb struck parents in any situation, so parents need to be prepared before hand for such circumstances. And for this Negotiation Skills plays an important role. We do not need business marketing skills to achieve these but smart parenting skills. Plus we can always limit the toys kids have, read here how to limit toys number. Let's look at few ways to say negotiate with children when it comes to matter of over shopping.

Few handy replies
We will get this later in the month after completion of your exams. Here the motivation is already set to perform well. (Motivation building)

We can buy this gift when your cousins visit us. You are buying time for few months, and many children tend to forget it. (Family reunions)

If your friend has similar game, then why don’t you play together? We can buy a different game next time. (Sharing toys)

Thus parenting sill set is a bunch of myriad little things in upbringing of a child. There is always room to say NO to child’s innocent demands, the trick is how you say and convey to them without any glitch.

How do you convince your child for an unreasonable demand? Share your thoughts in comments below.

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