Wednesday 18 April 2018

Perfect Partner

The 16th extract from #ParentingIntangibleasset speaks about how one must involve the kids in the activities we do.
It’s very important to involve the kids in the activities of the house to let them understand the importance of each task in every aspect and moreover they feel attached to the activities and responsible.

Many a times we have seen elders avoiding the involvement of kids thinking they will not be able to windup things as fast as we elders do or they may put up ample questions which would delay the task. But it’s not the right way, we know children are great observant and are curious to act like us. 

The bonding between the parent and the child should be transparent then only we can expect the same in return.
The experiences gained by kids will surely come to their rescue when they need it. We can take help from kids by sharing some work while sorting veggies from fruits, gardening, making a shopping list, or when going to post office/banks. This way a child is accustomed to uncountable things and they may not hesitate to do them in future. 

Sharing our responsibilities with the children always interests them sets an aim and feeling of satisfaction. This instills in them values like sharing, caring and respect.
Not only the child learns through us but also occasionally can suggest better ways to complete the task. Their novice ideas will be an added advantage to come in terms with latest techniques.

Do you involve kids in the day to day activities or you wait for them to participate on their own?

Sharing this post with AtoZ Challenge 2018,  Day 16 - Letter P - P for Partner.

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