Friday 13 April 2018


The twelfth lesson on parenting deals with, when to be strict with kids, how much.
We will take each aspect one by one:

Its very thought provoking concept as to when we as elders should correct our kids and sometimes even possibly taking strict action. Its not right to always keep pressuring the kids to be focused should be an absolute no-no. Make them learn by setting examples; you do a task in a particular way then let the child observe you. 

Correct the children when they break some norms but before that try to seek the reason for it. It’s not always that kids do few things intentionally so be patient and go down to the root cause.

On the other hand its not right to ignore their mistakes as it in future becomes troublesome to put things in place.

Parents should keep in mind the age of their child while correcting them. Every word uttered leaves a major impact on the child’s mindset so be very careful to use a proper language. If the child repeatedly makes the same mistake or does something then its time to take action; action not in the sense of raising your hand but small punishments for example: Not talking to them for an hour or two. 

Elders should understand that even a child needs some breather so be little lenient. Try that the siblings settle the matter among themselves. Make sure that each child in a family is equally being corrected without being biased.     

Pamper a child love them do everything to support them respect their thoughts lest see to it that they respect you. Maintaining a friendly attitude with a child is a good idea but being disrespectful is not. And if they do you need to mend them on right track but keep in mind with patience.

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