Saturday, 7 April 2018

Genetic Judgments

He loves jumping on Sofa, like a superman.
God knows why is she so loud?
He doesn’t help in house chores, he is always in playful mood; typically boy.
Sit properly, girls doesn’t sit like that.

All among us must have heard these sentences in our lifetime at least once either from family, friends or from social gatherings.

The most common thing in these sentences is that, we have set norms for girls and boys differently and many parents raise their children with a particular mindset.

Parents are judgmental towards the child according to their gender. Girls speak softly, and boys love to run is kind of preset notion in society. Parents also take covers for their children and correct them under these gender notions. Children who are raised with these gender notions also tend to think in a similar manner and find difficult to accept changes in future years.
AuraOfThoughts-Biased Judgment

Correct children as a person first. Lets remake above sentences while considering child’s behavior in priority.

He loves jumping on Sofa, like a superman.
He adores superman, so he keep looking for a place to stay at a height.

God knows why is she so loud? Why don’t you talk politely?
Being loud at all times shows you are rude, be kind and soft-spoken.

He doesn’t help in house chores, typically boy.
He is always in playful mood, but you also need to help in house chores.
Sit properly, girls doesn’t sit like that.
We need to sit with proper posture and in a manner that is courteous.

Just a little rephrasing of words can make a lot of difference in upbringing of child. Let our kids be raised, as a great human being first without being gender biased. Be cautious in what you speak as it may help build better mindset of kids.

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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog Sonal.
    Words are powerful tools, especially the ones uttered by parents, and can have long-lasting effects.
    So, like you say, it's imperative we watch what we say so that we can bring up good humans.
    G is for Golden Cap

    1. Very true Arti words do have power to transform the mindset... Thank you for dropping by!

  2. I am extremely impressed along with your writing abilities, Thanks for this great share.


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