Saturday 21 April 2018

Sound Sleep : Importance of Sleep in Children

Sleep and its importance in children and parent life is one the important aspect to deal with. You maybe wondering what is rocket science in this feature but let me tell you in this 19th part of the series #ParentingIntangibleWonder that SLEEP has few nuances and if done with few conditions then there is a magical transformation in child.

Yes, sleep is important part of our daily routine and most important for children too. It is advisable that children aged from 2-7 years sleep for 11-12 hours and 7-12 for 9-10 hours. Sleep is required rest by the body and mind, or one can say system reboots after a GOOD sleep. There are also multiple benefits when parents co-sleep with children, read all the benefits of co-sleeping on Child's Development.

How one gains from a sleep is the key? Do you find child irritated after sleep or you meet an energetic child after sleep? Why contrasting outputs by same hours of sleep you may wonder.

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Lets see various factors that can make sleep more comfortable and child happy after sleep.

Timings: This is the primary factor of sleep. Number of hours child sleep is generally equal to number of hours rest. One need to be careful is that child sleeps on time, so that he/she can complete desired number of hours. If child sleeps late then sleeping hours are reduced as next day morning child has to getup at fixed time to go to school. So, never compromise on sleeping hours. “Early to bed early to rise” is the mantra to be followed religiously.

Afternoon Nap: Now this can be booster or play a spoilsport if not done with carefulness. Afternoon nap is generally a short period where body and mind gets quick rest. But many children tend to sleep for longrer hours in afternoon after returning to home from school and then sleep late in the night and all the sleeping pattern os disturbed. If you child sleeps for maximum an hour it’s good else you need to involve kids in an activity and make them sleep early in night.

Environment: Night suits, stories book , family time sets mood for a perfect sleep. Make room environment also more like that, place comfortable cushions, stories books. cozy blankets on their bed, dim the light. These all play seamless starters for good night slumber to arrive.

Wakeup Time: This is last factor but a huge one for sleep. The way you wake your child can be decisive factor for the whole sleep. Sweet and light whispers do wonders. We have shared many ways to do this in our previous post ‘KickStart Mornings’.

These are few ways that does magic to the sleep. What is your mantra for good night sleep that works best with you? Share with us in the comments section below.

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