Wednesday 25 April 2018

Voltage Fluctuations

Everybody must have experienced voltage fluctuations in our homes and at few times fluctuation is so high that electronic devices can’t bear the fluctuation and are destroyed.

Similar to voltage fluctuations are our mood fluctuations, which are commonly called as mood swings. In this 22nd part of our series of #ParentingIntangibleWonder lets discuss, the mood fluctuations and its effects.

 We all have experienced a sudden jibe of mood change, which disturbs us so much that we react in an improper way and sometimes in such a manner that its marks are graved permanently. Children also experience the mood swings, we as a parent/adult need to understand the reason behind it and try to resolve the matter either by talking to them or by opting appropriate action. One should not name mood swing as a tantrum as these are two different aspects.

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Lets talk why mood swings happen at all. Mostly because things do not occur according to one’s wish or someone else behaves in a different manner than expected.

Kids also develop a picturesque view of an event or person and if it doesn’t turn out the way they imagined make them upset and even tend to cry out of rage. Read your child's mind and know your child the best and make sure that events are carried accordingly. If this is not in your control then try to be like a child to make them comfortable and talk to them about the change in events before hand.

Kids are so innocent that their heart melts very easily though it seemed tough during the mood swing. We need to ensure that a fluctuation of mood does not reach to its extreme as it can hamper a child in many ways. 

Understanding child's need is the key to their heart, so try to tune things in their way as much as possible. A child requires certain comfort level to get going in a merrier way.    

How do you handle mood swings of children, share your ways with us in comments section below?

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