Friday 6 April 2018

False Promises

Lot of time and effort is given to gain child’s trust, and it can be vanished in a splash of a second with false promises. 

Parents make many promises to child right from their birth, either they tend to forget the promises with passage of time or doesn’t give much weightage to promises.

For an instance if you promised child to give a candy after excellent result, then reward them timely. Or if parents has promised 4 outings in a year, then atleast try to make 2 outings. Children also see the efforts parents are making to complete their promises. Promises are meant to be fulfilled and that too with utmost care and concern.

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Even children also tend to be sincere towards their own promises and will try to finish the promise in given scenario. Child will also never make false promises with family or friends.  

So imbibe the right values of promises and keep up your promise with children.

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