Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Cultivate when Young

Cultivating good habits is the third most important aspect of good parenting. And that starts with day one from when the child starts understanding you. 

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As we all know children are good observers; so as a parent its our duty to be well behaved first. Small gestures like how to greet someone who is elder to us, Sharing our belongings, eating etiquettes, use of good words, cultivating studying habits, Reading habit and what not.

Developing good atmosphere for a child is enough to make them learn in fact parents may not even know how their child have just learnt the Without putting any extra effort. 

As when a child grows so their way of thoughts and distractions also increases. As a parent we need to understand the generation gap keep patience while teaching them something and most important thing is to give a child some time.

Parenting is not about dictating its about doing things yourself to instill values in your children. Though Kids are good actors but parents are their directors.

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  1. This is a very good topic. Good routine and habits start young. It is difficult to make them unlearn bad habits and learn good when they are older.
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    1. Yes, teaching kids is progressive coupled with patience.

  2. Like you said kids imitate. Good mannerisms, cleanliness, civic sense are such are habits that are best taught by example and should start from home!

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