Monday 23 April 2018


Our 20th chapter in #ParentingIntangibleWonder series deals with tantrum and it’s effect. If you are thinking only children have tantrum and we adults manage things accordingly, then my friends you are half correct because even adults have tantrums and kids deal with it. Only difference is that kids can’t manage or explain us but we as adults manage their tantrums and sometimes play harsh on their unwanted demands.

Yes, friends it’s only that adults name their tantrums as habit, behavior, or so called their need to survive. Lets see few simple situations where we adults show our tantrum triat as kids.

“Papa, I want to see princess movie with my friends, please please!” says an eight year old daughter to her beloved father. To which father says “Last time also we took you for princess movie, we all get bored in these movies, you can watch cartoons instead”. And what next daughter gets annoyed by fathers decision and starts crying to which she hears from adults of the house is “fulfilling all your wishes is not fair each time”.

After few days a little change in situation, “Lets go to watch new movie of Transformers, we all will love it”. Daughter who listens to this says “Papa, I get bored in these movies, I don’t want to go”. “Oh! Sweety you will get to eat popcorn and ice-cream in the movie”. To which innocent child agrees.

Here the matter is not princess vs Transformers but the fact that we adults manipulate kids our kids and bypass kids wishes as tantrums and name our own tantrums as wishes.

Its same like when adults do mistake its an error and when kids do its called blunder. We need to be little considerate towards their wishes and demands; and draw a boundary line that is followed by each one of the family. We don’t need to mention each of their demand and wish as a tantrum. Deal with talking and reasoning out, and its completely okay if you indulge in saying to your kids. They will not be taken away by your behavior but surely know their limitations and will ask for stuff that is reasonable.

Hereby and again we mention that elders play a great role model to the kids, so behave in a manner that you want child to behave.

Have you ever experienced an unexpected tantrum by your child or doe your child needs to bear with your tantrum?

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