Thursday, 19 April 2018

Quality vs Quantity

No we are not going to discuss quantity of toys or books or dresses your child demands. These are trifle issues when the matter comes to TIME.

Our 17th parenting topic is about Quality Time vs Quantity Time. 
Quality time is what kids need the most from you. One must savour the quality moments spent with kids as that lasts in our memories forever and will never come again.                                   
Lets us take a simple example from our day to day life. If you are with your child and busy with your laptop or phone the whole day and if you say that they have spent a day with kids then you are incorrect!


On the contrary if you play one hour with them or have a talk about their school, their besties and their dreams then these few hours are enough to bond with children. In this scenario when a parent says I have spent an hour with my kid then this seems valid. 

Children want your quality time and not quantity time. Yes being around kids is also a great way to be with them but what matters are the quality minutes or hours you spare just for them. This little piece of valuable time can be at your handy at the dinner table, or at a brisk walk with kids or may be during bedtime. Avail these special extracts from your juggling schedule.

The best time you can look out to mingle with kids is when you are back from your work. The moment children sees parent there are numerous thoughts     running in child mind and many incidents are shared be it school related activities or how they cycled in evening without tumbling and what not. Simple achievement or little failure talks are waiting for you to give an ear. So do cut some of your work but never compromise on your time with kids beside.

How do you spend time with your kids? Do you actually spend Quality time with them?

Sharing this post with AtoZ Challenge 2018,  Day 17 - Letter Q - Q for QUALITY.

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  1. I've never been a parent but I have been a kid (and I have had three dads over the years). I can tell you that one father did not give me quality or quantity time and we are not close. The second dad gave me both and I have great love for him. The third I got when I was 30 so... never mind that one.

    1. I am happy that your one of the Dads gave you that was most precious, quality time.


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