Sunday, 1 May 2022

Why Green Buildings Are New Trendsetter Post Covid

It is said that realization comes from setbacks or sudden change and we all will agree that we have seen multiple changes post covid pandemic. Person's perspective, the way of living has completely changed, and the new way of living life to the fullest is the top priority. 

Health – Top Priority

Pandemic has also taught us that health is an important factor, and we should not ignore any health conditions. Because a healthy lifestyle plays a vital role in how we lead our life. There are many changes people are taking up, and one of the changes that can be easily done is to live in an environment that provides fresh air.

Work From Green Home

We have noticed that during pandemic many people stayed in the places where nature blossoms to have a healthy life while working remotely. Work from home is now normal, people who used to stay close to the office had less commute time but were facing pollution issues. Now, people are considering moving to places that have large green areas where they can start and end the day amidst fresh air. Times Property has shred that there is a ”37% increase in the Green Buildings last 5 years”.

 Need for a Home as an asset

Living in one's own home has now become a superior priority as it gives a personal assurance that no matter what circumstances arise, he is safe in his house and has a shelter for himself and his family and can also gives shelter to one who is in need. A Family is now considering buying a property to lead happy life than spending on other luxuries. 

The rise in Home Prices

With time real estate prices are rising and shown strategic growth in the sector though sales were not as projected before the pandemic. CNBC reported how housing projects are shaping related to mortgage rates, you can view the detailed discussion here. At present, people are looking for homes that have spacious rooms and one extra room that can be converted into office space. Or many are remodeling their homes in a manner to accommodate the new lifestyle where family is brilliantly balancing work and home. Be it a new purchase or remodeling of a home, a family has to be very calculative to fulfill their wish.  

The right time to buy home

There is no right time or wrong time concerning your age when you are set to buy a home for yourself. Besides is no calculated path to purchase the home and neither it is one day task, amount of factors sum up to walking into a home. Few buy at the start of their career, and few purchase it after a decade, what works best for one may not be good for another; here is the reason for it. The correlation between the loan amount and the rent amount per month varies from city to city and the area of the home. Calculating it and planning for the future may seem cumbersome, and a precise close calculation is required to get the approximate figure of it. Estimate your loan with help of mortgage calculators that can help us analyze, assess the funds, and show us the roadmap to purchase the dream home. 

Final Word:

Home is one of the important assets in life, we can have it sooner or later according to our choices and liabilities. And choosing a location that has abundant greenery shall become a new norm as we all started giving health its place. Though change is sudden and the way we adapt to sustain the change becomes the game-changer. Respecting nature and living close to it give us a sense of contentment and responsibility; by choosing greener homes and greener surroundings we are moving towards a future that will not be grey but green in color. 

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  1. Yes, pandemic has gave us a reality check on many grounds and cleared our thinking. Living at a place which is full of greenery will improve the quality of our life. Luckily, we have a lot of greenery in our neighborhood.

    1. Our priorities have surely changed post COVID. Good to know that you have plenty of greenery around.

  2. The past 3 years have been good for the environment. At least people know about Go green. Few have adopted it and I hope the rest too follow or we wont leave greenery for the coming generations.

  3. We really missed the greenery around us during the lockdown period as there are not many trees around our house. You rightly said that green buildings are the new trendsetter as we are also thinking of relocating to another place that has a lot of trees and open spaces around.

  4. yes agree with you completely. adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle can make a huge difference not only in our health and well being but it works great for preserving environment too. here in USA, every neighborhood has plenty of greenery and it gives a great feeling when we move around.

  5. True. Buying a home is important. And buying a home where there is all greenery is even more important. We follow this criteria wholeheartedly since we have been living far away from the city for a long time now.

  6. The Covid-19 pandemic has been an eye opener for all of us on many levels. It was an alarm to timely adapt eco-friendly lifestyle for sustainable living. Choosing greener homes and greener surroundings is the way forward for all. And this time also made us explore the green thumb in us and lots of people took interest in gardening and having greener homes.

  7. Covid has really taught us many things including respecting nature and living close to it. Couldn't agree more that there is need to explore green options considering everyone's budget

  8. I totally agree . We have realised so many things post covid. It has become essential to focus on eco-friendly lifestyle . That's a way forward for healthy life

  9. This is one of the most important things Covid has taught me, and honestly speaking I am so in favour of this trend and will so love to be a part of it.

  10. Covid really make us realise the value of nature. Adding greens everywhere possible is a must these days. Living close to nature is self healing

  11. Its great that these 2 years have made us learn the value of nature and its flora and fauna in our lives.

  12. Green buildings is a brilliant concept. Living amidst nature and breathing clean air is a luxury that we can dream of these days.


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