Monday 19 December 2022

How Travel can make You Feel Content

 All is well that ends well. 

It is not just a saying for us it is a ritual that we follow every year end. 

Why to travel:

Ending things on the happy note not only makes the coming year cheerful but also make the present one contenful.

Sunday 11 December 2022

Do We Mirror The Diverse & Inclusive Nature

When I hear about diversity and inclusion, one thing that strikes my mind is our mighty nature. Mother Nature bestows us with a myriad of life lessons that teach humankind many aspects of living life with oneness and harmony. Nature is a beautiful example of diversity n inclusion whereby different species of flora and fauna have equal space to flourish.

The more diverse the ecosystem, the more its capability to survive any calamities and disturbances as each resource of nature balances each other. 

Monday 5 December 2022

What is the special significance of color RED on Christmas

With Christmas chimes already ringing high, the environment is filled with enthusiasm and oneness. Sparkling rows of red and green lights indicate the festival's onset. Everywhere we find various things in stores in shades of red, be it clothing range, home decor articles, or even edible items that wear the Christmas colors. We often have an implication, or to put it more correctly, we associate each tangible and intangible thing with different colors. For example, when we talk about love, compassion color red flashes in our mind, or red strawberries look so tempting. The color red also symbolizes the color of Christmas eve. Apart from red, the colors related to Christmas are gold, blue, green, and white.