Monday 19 December 2022

How Travel can make You Feel Content

 All is well that ends well. 

It is not just a saying for us it is a ritual that we follow every year end. 

Why to travel:

Ending things on the happy note not only makes the coming year cheerful but also make the present one contenful.

With year round activities of the kids and the religious festival, December last week and January first week is what we have dedicated to rejuvenate at our parents place.

Travelling to our parents place year end is a ritual we are following since 5 year and we are truly elated that we do this. Every travel plan is furnitured for an experience which in turn leads to happiness and when you are with your loved ones then it is surely to multiply. 

How to end year on a positive note:

Few ways to end a year that can mark right start of the year 

  • Be with people that motivate you to succeed in life
  • Choose a place that adds value to your life
  • Same place visited each year gives you different perspective as life never happens in sequence. 
  • Reflect upon your mistakes and work toward solutions. 
  • Accept that change is inevitable and things will fall in its place with your actions.

These were few ways you can have a look at coming year filled with positivity. 

If you are looking for ways to survive the resolutions then you can read the post Survival of Resolutions.

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  1. Nice pointers to remind how can we end this year on a positive note.

  2. We also follow a similar kind of ritual just that instead of visiting parents, we try and make vacation plans with our loved ones so that we bid goodbye to the current year by counting our blessings and welcome the new year with a lot of love and gratitude in our hearts.

  3. Truly, Travel can serve multiple purposes for different people. You have given food for thought how travel can add value and meaning to your life too.

  4. Traveling definitely helps to give of different perspective and rejuvenates you to come back with a bang. I don't follow any ritual as every year prioritise changes but every travel gives me a complete new experience.

  5. Travel is definitely a great way to rejuvenate and also gives a sense of contentment. Though I don't go to the same place, travelling during year end is definitely a great way for. Self contentment

  6. Be with positive people is a choice I am making this year. I was born and lived all my life in Vijayawada, but last year I walked out with just a suitcase, never to look back again. I realised i was surrounded by negative people.The move has brought about a sea-change in my outlook and attitude to life.I am full of gratitude for this year.

  7. Travelling for me is a mode to breathe and feel freedom. TRavelling makes me feel blessed as I get the chance to witness the beauty and culture of different places.

  8. Travelling is very important for our mental peace.i am a regular traveller me n my husband never leave a chance to go any holiday in let's your soul free.

  9. Travelling makes me fresh. I never let the chance slip.


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