Wednesday 31 December 2014

New Sparkles

The tears of contrition were rolling down from Mia's eyes.

“Reminisce life lessons, guilt shall evanesce with time and New Year’s time is to start afresh and move ahead”, guided Gayle.

“I shall have new beginning; hope others too do”, smiled Mia.

Aura-of-thoughts-New Sparles

Monday 29 December 2014

Adventurous Learning

“Krishh, I think we lost our way in this trekking task”, complained Rikki.
“We need to take risk to learn Rikki, I think you are exhausted; lets settle here then study the map again and you can consume my energy drink too”, said thoughtful Krish.

“Green staircase shall lead to our final path”, Krish said fervently to Rikki

After few footsteps, Rikki’s yelled in jolly and eyes sparkled to see the staircase.
Rikki thanked Krish saying, “You are very brilliant to keep calm in such situations” and whispered to self “risks are meant to be taken for an adventurous learning”.


Sunday 28 December 2014

Dream into Reality

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Lavanya, entered house and kept her purse on table and went to freshen up, her mother poured coffee into mugs and took a plate of biscuits along in a tray.

“Lavi, how was your day dear?” mother questioned while caressing her head.

“It was fine Amma (Mamma), how was yours?”, Lavi answered sipping her coffee and relaxing after each sip.

“Lavi, this weekend we are going for meeting, hope you remember. Are you prepared”, mother concerned over the meeting.

“What I need to prepare Amma, it’s him who need to be prepared and groomed”, believed Lavi with little frown on her face.

“It’s not only him, even you need to. Both partners need to be prepared for marriage Lavi, as it’s the new beginning in life. A new beginning should be functioned on a fresh slate and marriage is new phase of life; and not your another assignment like in your job”, advised Lavanya’s mother.

Lavanya nodded on her mother opinion and entered her room thinking that it was my idea to look for matches through matrimonial sites as till now I did not find any person as perfect as it was in my dreams and very soon she started musing about the perfect hero of her life.

Phone ring brought Lavanya back to reality from her dreams; it was a reminder call from matrimonial site, which fixed up the meeting in a coffee shop for Lavanya and Chanakya. Lavanya selected Chanakya to meet from the rest, as she was impressed with his education and hobbies.

Lavanya always visualized of a life partner smartly dressed, well educated and clean-shaven. That night in a dream she met her life partner and was extremely happy with her choice and was content that families also agreed.

“Lavi, getup you need to go for coffee meeting; stop dreaming, dreams don’t turn in reality”, her enthusiastic mother waked her up taking out her best dress from the wardrobe.

“Yes Amma, I know, hope he turns to be my hero”, whispered Lavanya to self and got up to get ready.
Dream into Reality - Aura Of thoughts
Dreams gives hope
Reaching coffee shop, she saw a man with big moustache waving at her, confused and perplexed Lavanya stood at the door, thinking she have to reject him for the looks, realizing after a minute that moustache man was waving to another person right next to her. After a deep breath lavanya took a seat and was about to inform her mother, that she has reached coffee shop, suddenly a husky voice took her attention, “Are you Lavanya?”

Lavanya was amazed and dumb struck, as her dream prince was standing right next to him who was well dressed and of course clean-shaven.

Lavanya belief became stronger that dreams do turn into reality and her new beginning will be as smooth as his shave.

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Friday 26 December 2014

Cute Choice

Radhika being a casting director receives a plenty of requests for upcoming epic television show. She had taken a break from her work for few years to look after her daughter Anshi, but seniors insisted her to work from home.

 Anshi too enjoyed looking at the pictures slideshow silently and clapped if she really liked someone. Sahil, a senior executive of leading major bank, managed his work and life well. He used to spend plenty of quality time with daughter Anshi and always patted her for good work.

Radhika and Sahil always taught Anshi about what is good and what is bad for her. To inculcate correct habits from tender age, these parents always tried their best to explain their 4-year child with help of examples. Anshi was quite observant, as kids of her age usually are; she also used to categorize all the things.

 After dinner Radhika usually had the habit of completing her pending work. Looking at the last mail she was a bit confused and asked Sahil, “Which one do you think will be best suited for the role?”showing him two images on her laptop screen. Little Anshi who was reading her story book also leaned to look at the images.
Cute Choice - Aura-of-thoughts
Anshi made a cute choice

Sahil too seemed in a fix after looking at those faces, but Anshi within no seconds said, “Mamma, he is good”, pointing to the left face. Radhika smilingly asked, “Okay beta (child) why only this one is good?”; to which Anshi confidently replied, “Because he does not have big beard like him, pointing to the face on the right.”

She added, ”You know Papa, in storybooks also, a person with beard is bad and daaku (robber), but clean-shaven men are hero. And even you are my hero Papa, as you  always look perfect.”

Both laughed their heart out as they were the pictures of the same person in a different look, and Radhika was deciding the look of that person to cast him in a serial. Sahil made Anshi sit beside him and said yes beta, all heroes are clean shaven.

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Wednesday 24 December 2014

मेरी जीवन संगिनी : पुस्तक - My Life Companion : Books

Books are person's best companion, yes even before their soulmate. The magic when you hold the book is so great that you forget the entire world and immerse in the book. This Hindi poetry expresses same feelings for the books in human life.

Why books are important to humans - auraofthoughts

वह जो अपने होने का एहसास दिलाती ,
दूर जाने पर भी याद रहती ,
ऐसी एक मेरी साथी ,
बताओ क्या है वह कहलाती। 

अगर मिले पुरस्कार में ,
तो  भरदे खुशियाँ जीवन में ,
ऐसे कई राज़ खोलती ,
और मुझे कई बातें बतलाती । 

Tuesday 23 December 2014

Embrace the Newness

Tic tic tic
The juncture has come
Embrace it
Cheers on way
Gathering all happy hours
Open up today
Time of year
Delightfully fresh
Of newness
Bond to mend strong together
Sparkling with laughter

My "Life Mantra" is embrace the newness and follow its path :) 
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Sunday 21 December 2014

Glimmering Bond

“Look how wonderful this place is shining Mark; as if stars have lowered themselves from sky”, Eli was elated after seeing glimmer around, in carnival festival.

The lighting also flabbergasted Mark; he quickly searched for his phone to capture Eli’s content expression; to his surprise, phone was missing.
While Mark was anxiously searching all his pockets, Eli questioned him “What’s the matter Mark”; to which he responded with a heavy heart “Excuse me Eli, I have to go back to look for my phone”.

“C’mon bro you are not going to be spoil sport of the evening, you shall find it and by the way is it more important than me”, Eli questioned Mark with infuriation.

“You are my priority dear, I just desired to capture your delighted face in my phone after your eye operation” but now I have frozen this moment in my heart and shall remain there forever furthermore this would not be possible until when my smart phone went missing, Mark smiled looking into Eli’s eyes.

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