Friday 5 December 2014

College Memories : Precious Asset

Memories are treasure of life and I give equal credit to it as I give to experiences in life. Some memories never diminish and so are my college day’s memories, whenever I come across the pictures of my college buddies I feel so revitalized. Karl Lagerfeld very aptly quoted “What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” The captured moments become a precious asset with lots of warmth and love being jam packed in it. It’s true that one should enjoy every second of life as we may never know when we long for getting back into that time again.
Colourful College Days - AuraOfThoughts
Colorful College Day

Giving a pause to life and getting back to those lovely days of life is what my heart treasures. There was freedom of thought, great friends and bundle of laughter which resulted in stomach ache most often.

I think it is one of the best phases of life where we get to learn new things while having fun. It is the phase where we explore the world and self with set of friends, lessons got in those days are still so fresh in my mind.

 I remember an incident of my college when our university had to terminate the classes for some union protest. The boys used to have a very hard time then, it happened that whenever there was such activity the girls were asked to leave the campus and the boys were forced to participate in the protest. They were handed over the banners, flags and were made to shout slogans. I can still remember how my friends looked funny shouting slogans in hot sun not knowing the motive behind the protest. J

So whenever there was a slight hint of such activity all the boys in seconds vanish from there to escape from many new ways which were discovered by their adventures.
Well time passes very fast and today becomes a memory soon. Lot many wonderful memories just glitter our life and makes us young again. Now I really miss all that, and well feeling nostalgic.

I had a smile and tears while penning down. Thanks Arti and College Dunia to host a contest where I relived my moments again writing this post.

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  1. Of course the young days of our life indeed have some special memories attached to it and very often they bring a smile on our face when we travel down the memory lane!

  2. Such a nice information thanks for sharing this post with us.


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