Monday 29 December 2014

Adventurous Learning

“Krishh, I think we lost our way in this trekking task”, complained Rikki.
“We need to take risk to learn Rikki, I think you are exhausted; lets settle here then study the map again and you can consume my energy drink too”, said thoughtful Krish.

“Green staircase shall lead to our final path”, Krish said fervently to Rikki

After few footsteps, Rikki’s yelled in jolly and eyes sparkled to see the staircase.
Rikki thanked Krish saying, “You are very brilliant to keep calm in such situations” and whispered to self “risks are meant to be taken for an adventurous learning”.



  1. Simple enough and well, amazingly combo of so many prompts :)

  2. This sounds like an interesting adventure indeed, now I want to know what is at the top of that staircase! :-) Life is all about adventures in learning and experience, and they do indeed make are eyes sparkle with excitement! Thank you for joining us at Two Shoes Tuesday, Sonal.

    1. Hehe Josie, let's leave the findings of staircase for another story. Loved the prompts on Two Shoes Tuesday :)

  3. Nice little fiction! :) Thanks for linking.

  4. beautiful combination of different prompts

    He Is Coming to Town

  5. Wonderful ho you combined so many prompts I can't imagine but you did it brilliantly and concisely. excellent closing lines

    Yves aka mindlovemisery


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