Tuesday 9 December 2014

Perfect Look

Rahul and Dia recently shifted in a two-bed room flat in a society in East Delhi, as Rahul’s new job bought them from Pune, where they had spent three years.  

As the truck was about to reach in a day or two, they both were staying with just a few essentials. They were getting accustomed with their nearby area and gathering information of neighborhood. Dia stopped at nearby shops to take their contact numbers assuring a smooth stay. After dining in at a fast food center, they both returned tired and exhausted, made the bed and within a minute dozed off.

Next morning, Dia woke up and screamed looking at the time in her mobile, “Oh! God, we are late”. Rahul got up hearing her scream and asked, “What happened dear?” rubbing his eyes.

Get up fast, or else you would be late on the first day of your job, Dia’s words rang a bell in Rahul’s sleeping mind. He almost rushed to bathroom and asked Dia to help her by taking out the best suit for him. And within no time he came out in astonishment, saying “water is too cold and too less in the bucket”, which would finish as we both brush our teeth.

“Why water is not coming”, confused Rahul reached to the neighbor’s door, there he came to know that water supply timings are early in the morning, and they missed it completely while having a sleep and next water supply timings are in evening.

Confused and perplexed Rahul stated all facts to Dia. Dia assuring him and keeping calm said, we need to look for other options, take a deep breath Rahul, you will reach your office in time with your perfect look.

Dia composed herself and looked around and saw 4 packed drinking bottles in her bag. She happily said Rahul; you can use them to get ready. “These won’t be sufficient to take bath”, Rahul replied disheartening. “You need not take bath to look presentable Rahul, but shaving is more vital to give you perfect grooming look", saying this Dia handed Rahul Gillette shaving kit. 

Look Perfect- Aura-of-thoughts

Rahul nodded in agreement and was soon clean-shaven and wore best suit to meet his colleagues and bosses on first day of office. Dia wished him good luck by parting a kiss on clean-shaven cheeks.

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