Friday, 12 December 2014

Mask of Quietness

I don't wanna listen,
And don't wanna brighten.
Just wanna be quiet,
Listening to Inner Ocean.

Never wish to hurt someone,
By dropping sense while drunk.
Want to be calm and silent,
As words of anger could be blunt.

I’m not being lethargic,
Just heeding soul music.
There’s surely an answer,
A prayer that will conquer.

Often silence could be a partner,
An everlasting pal round the corner.
Have heap of topics to hear and share,
Also slowly soothes away despair.
Loudness is all-around,
Scorches ears with high sound.
Just along with my quietness,
I see the world again with brightness.


  1. Oh, I do think that silence is often a good partner....better, in fact, than that loudness which is all around. And a person who listens to the inner ocean is a wise one indeed! Nice to see you.

    1. Yes Mary, inside ocean recites a lot, it's just that we need to silent the outside world. Glad you liked it.

  2. We do need these quiet sequences periodically so as to reconnect to our inner selves.

    1. True Gabriella, periodic listening to self helps to resolve many critical issues.

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  4. I could so relate to this poem, Sonal. I work in a noisy environment where phones ring all day long. How love the quiet and night to collect my thoughts. Saturday mornings are my favorite time of week, there is not a single noise in the house but the purring of cats and the clicking of my laptop keys! I cannot think in the noise, and sometimes it is very hard to silence it. I think we all long for that place within us that is calm. Lovely poem!

    1. Thanks Josie for kind words. Finding a quiet place becomes a challenge sometimes, but when heart calls for it all background noises goes mute and one listens to soul voice.

  5. I love the idea of an inner ocean of quiet and glad you can find it even in your loud environment. By the way the source of the photo is me, Peggy Goetz. I guess I forgot to put that on the prompt. Thanks for using my photo.

    1. Thanks Peggy and I shall surely credit the picture to you. Lovely picture :)

  6. I specially like this part:

    Often silence could be a partner,
    An everlasting pal round the corner.

    Good one ~

  7. A beautiful piece of writing! Loved it! :)

  8. Nice words, MeenalSonal :)
    May we get to listen to our "inner ocean" more often.
    Much needed for our peace.

  9. The contrast is rather sharp - drunkenness verses calm. Nice.

  10. listening to the inner ocean is a cool we are made up of water....
    and the tides within us....def you play up the contrast nicely in this...

    1. Thanks a bunch Brian. True, we are made up of water, and we all hope to sail smoothly, unless emotion tides carries us away.

  11. That's so beautiful...
    Loved the rhyming too..;-)


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