Sunday 14 December 2014

Xylophonic Reflection

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Holidays on cruise
with my family and friends

There is so much fun
absorbing all happiness

Excluding worries
until cruise hit giant rock

Commotion in air
all scattering here and there

I was left alone
in a skimmed, dull and rough boat

I looked in river
to see the depth and was scared
My reflection smiled
I didn’t, amazed looked again

It was a message
from my own calm reflection

Trust self, keep courage
hearing this I gathered nerve

Rowed till my arm drain
reaching the deserted shore

When stepping from boat
looked again at reflection

This time perfect smile
was reflecting from my face

Content I thanked reflection.

This form of poetry is Choka, the classical Choka is formed by writing 5-7 syllables couplets for as many lines as you like ending however with an extra 7 syllable line.

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Posted earlier, sharing with ABC Wednesday, where X - Xylophonic.



  1. This is a really interesting story! You really ran with the choka -- it looks like you really enjoyed it!
    Well done!

    1. Thank you. Yes Choka writing was so much fun.

  2. A fun read. So much to gain from all of our experiences. Including confidence in ourselves.

    I played differently with this prompt here:

    1. True a lot to gain from experiences, I consider reflection as a book keeper of life, which never lies to us.
      Surely I will visit your post :)


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