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मेरी जीवन संगिनी : पुस्तक - My Life Companion : Books

Books are person's best companion, yes even before their soulmate. The magic when you hold the book is so great that you forget the entire world and immerse in the book. This Hindi poetry expresses same feelings for the books in human life.

Why books are important to humans - auraofthoughts

वह जो अपने होने का एहसास दिलाती ,
दूर जाने पर भी याद रहती ,
ऐसी एक मेरी साथी ,
बताओ क्या है वह कहलाती। 

अगर मिले पुरस्कार में ,
तो  भरदे खुशियाँ जीवन में ,
ऐसे कई राज़ खोलती ,
और मुझे कई बातें बतलाती । 

कभी बड़ों के आशीर्वाद का रूप ,
कभी छोटों का प्यार स्वरूप ,
अपना हाथ सदा सहलाते ,
इससे से वह लाड जताते। 

चाहे कितनी भी हो संग ,
जीवन में भर देती कई रंग ,
सदा कुछ नया सिखाती ,
पर वोह एहसान कभी न जताती। 

वह एहसास उसके स्पर्श का ,
आज लुप्त क्यूँ कहीं हो रहा है ,
जो आनंद उसके स्पर्श का  ,
कहीं जुदा सा हो रहा है। 

ज़माना चाहे कितनी रफ़्तार से चले ,
चाहे पुस्तक नये रंग मे ढले ,
आज भी प्यारी हैं यह पुस्तक ,
जीवन की संगिनी है पुस्तक।

Why Books are humans best companion - AuraOfThoughts

English translation:

The one whose presence is always felt
the one which we remember when apart
the one who is my companion
It is called BOOK.

If received in a reward
fills heart with happiness in life
it unfolds many mysteries
Book is the one that tells me all

Sometimes as a blessing from elders
sometimes as a gift from young ones
it was there to give warmth
in form of expressing love

Many forms of book
fills colours in life
always teaches new things
but Book never boasts of such things

The feel of touching the book
why is getting lost slowly
the happiness in it's touch
is getting lost somewhere

Let the world progress
and give other forms of book
today also I treasure my book
as my book is my companion

Books Companion - MeenalSonal

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  1. I too prefer paperbacks over ebook :-)

    Merry Christmas :-)

    1. Happy you dropped by Amrit Sinha.
      Yes paperback books are great to read :)


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