Monday 8 December 2014

Nature’s Carnival

The "Naani" is a popular form of poetry in India, introduced by Dr. N. Gopi.  There are 4 lines for a total of 20-25 syllables.I have tried to convey my feeling with a row of "Naani"

Crack of dawn, fresh and pure
the whole thing like golden touched
snow capped foliage
lit up every heart with glee.
Exuberance of nature
captured the eyes
invitation for a nature funfair
it’s time for fun.

Celebrations have begun
time to gather now
relations to cherish
move ahead all together.

Give no halt ,no looking back
fresh start and a strong goal
slowly but steadily glow
add meaning to life.

Be like nature so humane
at all times trust in doings
no wish list to own
never asks in return.


  1. A playful set of Nanni - The last one reminds me of what some would call unconditional love.
    Though it seems we all would like a little something in return, even if just a smile when passing a stranger :)

    Thanks for stopping by my WP site (...compelled...), I have a Blogspot too for my own ease of commenting. ~Jules

    1. True Jules we can't level with nature how hard we try.......Keep Visiting.

  2. This is wonderful and exuberant!

  3. So much to think about here -- joyful, but with plenty of advice on human nature. Nicely done -

    1. Nature teaches a lot of things.....Keep Visiting

  4. A lovely set of Naani ... and I agree, it's a font of joy and reflection! Well done! Bastet

    1. Tried Naani for the very first time.....Glad you liked it.


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