Friday 19 December 2014

Gala Time : #SpreadTheJoy in Christmas

 Christmas, is surely time to spread happiness and joy among our friends, families and acquaintances. Being happy, content in heart makes each Christmas wish come true. This Christmas poetic tale essays joy and its importance in this festival.

Winter brings gala time,
Happiness is all to shine.

Holidays comes with message,
Have all fun without sabotage.

Spread the joy to one and all,
Even to the security at the mall.

Make everyone more alive,
By rejoicing carols in joy.

Waiting till midnight for surprise,
And thinking what will be inside. 

Glaring face with misty two eyes,
Expression after receiving gift of choice.

How does Santa know it all?
This mystery still not solved.

Is it Santa who spread the joy?
Or my dear ones who often coy(shy).

Whoever is it; I love my present,
 My smile is bigger than moon’s crescent.

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  1. It is not as important about whether or not it is SANTA who spreads the joy but that there IS joy at this time of year. Your poem portrays very well the happiness that Christmas can bring.

    (Nice rhymes too!)

    1. Thanks Mary, yes spreading the joy is more important :)
      Merry Christmas!!

  2. Yes for the spreading of joy at this time of year. Thanks for posting and may the season be a happy one for you.

    1. Thanks a bunch Peggy and wishing you the happiness to you too :)
      Merry Christmas!

  3. Christmas is all about spreading the joy ... lovely poem :-)

  4. This poem made me smile, it told of the fun of anticipation and the joy of sharing joy as well as receiving. Thank you for joining us at Two Shoes Tuesday!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. It's always wonderful to be part of Two Shoes Tuesday :)

  5. Santa can be a very mysterious person. Nice thoughts, nice poem.

  6. love,togetherness and happiness that's what Christmas is all about

    The Time Stopped

    1. Yes Cifar, Christmas and New Year fills life with new energy :)

  7. Christmas is a lovely time.
    May we all spread the joy! Nice one, MeenalSonal!
    Best wishes to you!

    1. Yes, let's all do spread the joy, which a need of the hour too :)
      Thank you Anita.

  8. Nice Poem! yes,, its a gala time, lets enjoy this festive season by spreading love and happiness!!

    1. Thank you Swati, yes joyous occasions lined up :)


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