Thursday 8 September 2022

Book Review - Do Epic Shit by Ankur Warikoo

Self-help books are my favorite genre as I genuinely believe learning is a lifelong process, and one can learn at any point in life. With a keen interest in these books, I am sharing my honest review of the much-talked book "Do Epic Shit" by Ankur Warikoo.

Book Review - Do Epic Shit by Ankur Warikoo

Book Title & Book Cover:

The book cover is as plain as it can be, yet the simplistic approach with the font and color makes the book peep out through bookshelves when you want to look out for it. The book will grab your attention with bold fonts and a yellow cover. The book title may sound a little weird, but Ankur Warikoo hits the bull's eye by writing a title in slang that today's youth understand and follow.

Do Epic Shit by Ankur Warikoo is a self-help book for the youth

What the Do Epic Shit book has to offer:

The book is divided into six parts, Success (and Failures), Habits, Awareness, Entrepreneurship, Money & Relationships. Each element has a life lesson attached to its learning.

The book is conversational, making it more interesting than a regular self-help book.

It answers each question that will make you reanalyze your life goals and your approach towards them.

Why the book Do Epic Shit is popular:

Honest approach by the author:

Ankur is brutally honest in his book as he is in his videos on social media. The audience and readers can get the vibes of honesty while reading the book as some of his personal experiences shared in the book are too honest, and the author doesn't shy away from sharing them with the world.

Conversational Tone:

It is always good to talk to people and understand a concept than rotting it through definitions. The author has brilliantly paraphrased the book in a manner to set a conversation with questions and answers. And sometimes, asking questions to readers makes their brain process the information just read.

Simple and crisp chapters:

 No one has time to listen to lengthy life lessons; crisp and unique is what today's youth look for, and author Ankur Warikoo is known to present the subject matter in a few lines. He has done the same in this book and is hitting the right chords with millennial readers.

Personal life lessons:

When you learn from personal mistakes, the lesson is known and imbibed in your heart forever. Readers will laugh, question, and get teary-eyed reading the author's experiences and dilemma situations.

Start anywhere, End positively:

You can read any chapter or any page, for that matter, at any time of the day. The book is flowing and can be completed in a day, but I always advise reading the self-help books slowly and observe how the book affects you.

Why I liked Ankur Warikoo Book:

Acceptance of failure after success is a great asset, and only a few can do it effortlessly, and Ankur does that in this book. Learning from small steps to huge roadblocks can make a person renowned in his experience or shatter the confidence; it is the perspective we choose. The author shares how with age, money, and relationships, the equation changes from time to time, and there is no qualm in falling again and again. The author stresses that learning from mistakes, and if a person cannot learn from mistakes, they are moving backward.

Why to read Ankur Warikoo Book:

Every human is bound to make mistakes and have to learn from them, and to go ahead in life to make an epic impression; one has to read a good book, follow a few practices and strive on each of its factors.

What I did not like about the book:

The flow of the book could be better. Though it is a conversation and lesson imparting book, the start and end of a topic are unclear. More subtopics in each chapter can give it a wholesome look.

About the author: Ankur Warikoo

Ankur Warikoo is an entrepreneur, teacher, content creator, and mentor. Ankur founded and was its CEO from its inception in 2015 until 2019. Before that, Ankur was the founding CEO of Groupon's India Business. Today he spends his time creating content, teaching online, and mentoring first-time founders.

Book Details:

Book Title: Do Epic Shit

Author: Ankur Warikoo

Genre: Self-help

Availability: Amazon and other platforms

No. of Pages: 293

My Rating: 4.5/5


  1. These sorts of self-help and guidance books are helpful these days as we face many challenges in our personal and professional lives. I would like to read the book.

  2. Basically, self-help books help us to learn life lessons through the author's own experiences and their mistakes while facing different challenges. I'd like to keep this book in my collection.

  3. I loved your comprehensive review. You have analysed the book point by point giving me a summary of the book while retaining the intrigue to read the book. Seems like this is one book that I would enjoy

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  6. This book in on my TBR for quite some time now. I loved your concise and meaningful review. Enjoyed it.

  7. I like listening to his reels and short video content. Though I am not much into self-help books, but this one seems a little different from the others I have read. Thanks for reviewing it to make more interesting.

  8. I like the way he present the motivating stories. His venture nearbuy helped a lot of people find a good service at the best rate. And then he started motivational speaking, I have read a lot about his book and review has pushed it to pick it up asap.

  9. I have been following Ankur Warikoo on his youtube channel for some time but wasn't aware of this book written by him. Seems really interesting to pick up and read. Its really great to imbibe learnings from others experiences as well

  10. Conversational tone- wow. thats something I always like in books. Lately, I have ready many self help books and each of them was different in their presentation. Looks like Do Epic Shit is my kind of a book.

  11. I recently come across Ankur warikoo's youtube channel. I have watched many videos in row because I liked his content and speaking style. would love to read this book as I believe, just like his videos, this book also offer great advice and help us in grow in many aspects of life.

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  13. Very clear and honest review here buddy, I have been hearing Ankur on Instagram and was in two minds whether or not to pick this book

  14. I love the title thought haven't heard much about the author .

    Thought I love the review how you have defined the sections.

  15. I actually like books that are with simple and crisp chapters as there is the excitement of knowing what's next. Looks an interesting pick for this weekend

  16. I have read this book and really liked it You have correctly said that his unique way of writing really attract the audience .

  17. I've read it and I really liked it. Ankur Warikoo's book really offers valuable life lessons in a conversational and honest manner. The author's personal experiences and the book's simple and crisp chapters make it an engaging read.


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