Tuesday 26 July 2016

Colgate Magical Stories

Imagination and bundles of energy is synonymous to every child. Their world comprises of dreams in tiny eyes with utter simplicity and lots of love. Well a lot of changes take place as we grow up but one thing that has come along with us unaltered is Colgate. It is alive in every house from generations and that's why it understands well.

Aura of thoughts story telling
Characters in Sea & Informative flash cards

To tickle the creative corner of a child it has come up with packs printed with character of under water. The brightly colored printed characters can be cutout easily to weave a magical imaginative story. Story telling is a very creative concept through which a child learns many values. Our great saints used to narrate many stories to their shishya (students) to impart them many different life values, which helped them excel in all walks of life. Colgate recreates narration essence through its magical stories pack.

My kids too love listening to stories. But this time it was their chance. They wove a beautiful story which I would like to share, and don’t be surprised if story begins with words “Once up on a time…” J

Saturday 23 July 2016

3 Reasons to Pay Taxes for Self

 In last post we discussed about paying taxes and how nation will be benefitted by it. In this post let’s focus on reasons you, as individual will be benefitted. Well this time too I have 3 main reasons to pay taxes and feel happy about it.

Quick Bank Loans: If you pay your taxes on time and have a good credit score then your loans related to home or car or personal needs will be approved in matter of a wink, else you need to make empty rounds to bank, just to make them believe that you are genuine person and you are not defaulter of nation, who would run away with their money.
So Pay taxes and go ahead in your life with your dreams be it luxury car or well furnished apartment.

Easy Visa Approvals: After long years your destination is calling you, and you rush to visa office for clearance to fly and in midst of your dreams, visa officer asks you about your IT returns and you come to reality and curse the moments you didn’t pay taxes. Well if you need a smooth process of visa approval, keep all your IT return papers also intact, then fly to your destination in real not in thoughts.

Peaceful Sleep: Last but not least, peaceful sleep is for what each one of us our working hard. Paying taxes pinches each one for a time but I surely can assure one can have a peaceful time after that. You can be proud of yourself that you have done a good deed. 

Friday 22 July 2016

3 Reasons to Pay Taxes for Nation

Every end of quarter, one sees advertisements in electronic and print media regarding motivation for people to pay taxes. Besides after so many reminders there is a huge list of defaulters with bizarre reasons. Actually by paying taxes to the respective government we as a citizen of a country share responsibility on our shoulders too. Don’t believe in this then read 3 most important reasons why we pay our taxes to government.

auraofthoughts - pay taxes
Pay Taxes & contribute towards building Nation

Saturday 16 July 2016

Nostalgic Monsoon #MonsoonDiaries

Monsoon brings in many emotions along and one of them is feeling nostalgic about it while travelling down memory lane. The sky showers moments that give us bundle of energy being cheerful during Monsoon. The poetry today shared is the series of Haiku, where Haiku is 3 line poetry with syllable count 5-7-5.

Radiant lightning
Thunderous dark cloudy sky
Memories creep with onset

Reflective moments
Childhood magic reliving
Instills in freshness

Splashing in puddles
Those colorful paper boats
Hopping behind frogs

The might monsoon
Holds exceptional corner
Suffuse cheerfulness

Day #7 - Write tribe festival of words, and we have N of Monsoon  as Nostalgia with series of Haiku.  
Previous posts in this festival on theme Monsoon can be viewed here.


Friday 15 July 2016

Omen Monsoon - #MonsoonDiaries

Day#6 at WriteTribe festival of words, and we are here to share the Omen that monsoon's arrival brings along in form of Naani poetry. The "Naani" is a popular form of poetry in India, introduced by Dr. N. Gopi.  There are 4 lines for a total of 20-25 syllables.

Auspicious your sign
Marks occasions many
Farmers’ schedules occupied

Relishes awaited pour

Omen for Farmers - MeenalSonal


Thursday 14 July 2016

Opulent Monsoon - #MonsoonDiaries

Day #5 at Write Tribe festival of words, and our O of Monsoon theme is set to roll. 

O is Opulent today and describes the effect of opulent monsoon and today's poetry form is Cavatina, which is Italian form of poetry of 6 lines 5-2-5-2 & 5-4 syllable count, where last two lines are rhyming.

Monsoon a relief

Quench thirst

If In abundance
Spreads grief

Blowup not the glee

Surge happily


Wednesday 13 July 2016

Salubrious Monsoon - #MonsoonDiaries

I would dedicate a day for the monsoon showers as its freshness imbibes me with enthusiasm to move ahead, to grow, to evolve.

When monsoon tiptoed
Jubilant saplings yelled

Tiny tendrils cheer
Everything fresh and pristine
Amplify positive strength

Monsoon Poem - AuraOfThoughts

Day #4 of WTOFW, where I chose theme Monsoon and today is dedicated to letter S, which says about Salubrious character of it. Poetry form above is Haibun( a collective of Prose and Haiku/Tanka) I selected Tanka (5-7-5-7-7 syllable)

Also sharing with Indispire#125 - #DedicateADayToCelebrate.


Tuesday 12 July 2016

Naive Monsoon - #MonsoonDiaries

Day #3  of WTFOW#5- I have come up with Choka poetry for letter N of Monsoon that signifies Naive things about it. The newness in everything around that Monsoon brings in is so pleasant to experience.

Choka poetry (the classical Choka is formed by writing 5-7 syllables couplets for as many lines as you like ending however with an extra 7 syllable line

Nature's vibrant spill
Showers infuse youthfulness   

Liveliness flourish
Innocent art all around      

Bloom, grow time to rise
With undivided vigour       

Look what it whispers
Master the childlike approach

Strike the fanatical chord


Monday 11 July 2016

Optimistic Monsoon - #MonsoonDiaries

Day #2  of WTFOW#5- 
And we have O of Monsoon, second letter that says about Optimism and Shadorma poetry (6 line poetry, stanza is of 3-5-3-3-7-5 syllable count) essays the need of being optimistic in the monsoon. As Monsoon shades away the negativity with its magic spell.

Positive Message
Partner couched
in 'monsoon'
Relish bit by bit whole year
Lookout for your share

Sharing with Write Tribe festival of words.


Sunday 10 July 2016

Mesmerising Monsoon - #MonsoonDiaries

Monsoon has started in full swing in most of the parts of country, and so is our theme for upcoming marathon on Write Tribe Festival of Words is MONSOON. Let's see what each alphabet of Monsoon brings along with it. Each day one alphabet is described in different form of poetry.

Day #1  of WTFOW#5- M of Monsoon and Sedoka poetry (6 line Japanese poetry, each stanza of 5-7-7 syllable count) 

Everything fresh around
Nature is scintillating
Sense power of purity

Flowing in deep thoughts
Be absorbant in 'monsoon'
Drench yourself in joyousness


Thursday 7 July 2016

सर्वोच्च भाव - क्षमा

क्षमा के है अनूठे रंग,
कभी खट्टे कभी मीठे और कभी है  बेरंग,
क्षमा किसी के लिए जैसे जंग, 
और किसी के लिए भावनाओं की तरंग । 

अनेक रंगों मे होते क्षमा के दर्शन,
क्रिया मे आती जब मन करता दिमाग पे शासन,
निष्ठुरता से ही हृदय दे पाता  क्षमा दान,
अन्यथा यह बन जाता औपचारिकता का बखान । 

कभी क्षमा करना रह जाता एकल विकल्प,
कभी क्षमा करके भी न भूले जाते कई तर्क,
कई विचारों को बदलने मे है सक्षम,
 बस हो इस ओर हर कदम मे सच्चा परिश्रम । 

कोई क्षमा देके बनता बड़ा महान,
कोई माँग के पाता अति सम्मान,
यह है सच्चे दिलों का मिलन,
बस सही समय का होना चाहिए चयन । 

क्षमा मे होती शक्ति अपार,
हर दिल मे संजो दे प्यार,
निस्वार्थ मन मे बसे यह भाव,
 समस्त लोको का यह प्रिय स्वभाव । 


Wednesday 6 July 2016

Grow with Aklavya : Educational Video Game

Apps and Games!!! Yes, this is what is most searched and highly discussed topic among all age groups. With a leap in digitization we find everything on our gadgets just a click away. As no one is left untouched by the changing technology and so is our learning techniques. 
Meet Aklavya

It is well said by Benjamin Franklin that, "When you're finished changing, you're finished". Besides it is important to walk hand in hand with the ever-changing technology.

But, if the change is not smooth enough it always remain a matter of worry for our prior generation. Our parents always worry about how these gadgets are going to impart the know-how of life among the kids. So it’s parents and peer responsibility to channelize gadget time in healthier way by choosing right kind of games in application section. An appropriate choice in games sections mark a drastic impact on kids and teenagers as every activity is registered in sub-conscious mind; so always have a insightful choice. And if one thinks can these gadgets compete our mighty paperback. 

Sunday 3 July 2016

Cuddle with Horlicks

Parenting involves nurturing the overall development of a child with utmost care and love. Being a parent we want our child to fight against all odds and always see to it that they excel in whatever they do. Other than emotional development that shapes the child's behavior the most discussed topic among the parents is the eating habits of their kids.

One task that gives nightmares to almost every parent is how to develop good eating habits. This anxiousness is obvious as each of them wants to give best to the child, but it’s a challenge to give nutritional yet tasty plate of food to kids.

Children, the core verve of the house is often pampered by various types of diet such as energy giving, body building and protective foods, mostly to keep their growth maintained and to keep their interest in food too. 
Mother's often keep an eye on the child's likes and dislikes and try to give a plate full of a variety, which is in turn full of nutrients, minerals and proteins, but children below 10 years are fussy eaters plus they are very moody when it’s mealtime; as one cannot make them understand the importance of each food item.