Sunday 3 July 2016

Cuddle with Horlicks

Parenting involves nurturing the overall development of a child with utmost care and love. Being a parent we want our child to fight against all odds and always see to it that they excel in whatever they do. Other than emotional development that shapes the child's behavior the most discussed topic among the parents is the eating habits of their kids.

One task that gives nightmares to almost every parent is how to develop good eating habits. This anxiousness is obvious as each of them wants to give best to the child, but it’s a challenge to give nutritional yet tasty plate of food to kids.

Children, the core verve of the house is often pampered by various types of diet such as energy giving, body building and protective foods, mostly to keep their growth maintained and to keep their interest in food too. 
Mother's often keep an eye on the child's likes and dislikes and try to give a plate full of a variety, which is in turn full of nutrients, minerals and proteins, but children below 10 years are fussy eaters plus they are very moody when it’s mealtime; as one cannot make them understand the importance of each food item.

Irregular eating habits of adolescents besides being very choosy while eating leads to improper growth in them; then parents are largely concerned for the child’s height and weight as years between 3-9 contribute a lot of weightage to growth chart.

Every kid is unique in some way few are tall and lean, few are slight plum yet tall but the most important thing is internal fitness and it can only be achieved if one has strong immunity levels; furthermore good immunity levels can be achieved if you have a balanced diet, further this all process sometimes seems like a deadlock to parents.

Aura Of Thoughts - Horlicks Growth Plus

What to do in such situations, as repeated nagging for food takes kids away from it and they become irritated as soon as mealtime arrives. Running behind them with a plate is surely not a solution; instead we can win over their tantrums by giving them a glass full of Horlicks.

Yes, Horlicks is that ultimate solution which we all can be double sure of. It increases the immunity levels of the body thus making the child more active and happier ever. If the child is happy and so are the parents.

Horlicks is a stress releaser for parents and energy booster for kids. Horlicks Growth+ is a product by Horlicks that is especially designed for kids of age 3- 9.  It naturally helps enhancing height and gaining weight.

For a change it's time for mom's to relax as there is someone with same care and affection making their child more merrier and healthier. “One which has magical twists in every lick, that is HORLICKS!!!”

If you are worried parent for your child’s growth, then pick Horlicks Growth+ from your retail store and surely your anxieties for growth vanishes. Check your kid’s growth chart at and be surprised by results after few months of happy licking days, which are happy Horlicks days.



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