Friday 22 July 2016

3 Reasons to Pay Taxes for Nation

Every end of quarter, one sees advertisements in electronic and print media regarding motivation for people to pay taxes. Besides after so many reminders there is a huge list of defaulters with bizarre reasons. Actually by paying taxes to the respective government we as a citizen of a country share responsibility on our shoulders too. Don’t believe in this then read 3 most important reasons why we pay our taxes to government.

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Pay Taxes & contribute towards building Nation
“MY” bit towards “MY” Nation:
We are proud of our nation, but we rarely express, so this is the time of your expression; so pay taxes. We all are honoured by the courage our soldiers display by protecting us from all threats, by paying taxes to government we are doing a kind support to our national heroes whose vigor and vigilance makes our life smooth and peaceful. Though it is only a drop but matters the most when we accumulate many such drops.
Progress & Prosper together:
Paying our taxes makes sure that each citizen of the country is progressing. If the infrastructure rises, so is standard of living and then payment in jobs increases, so there would be more people paying taxes, which will in turn result in more facilities and rise in infrastructure. You see there is healthy circle of paying taxes.     

Equal distribution of wealth:
A country is generally judged by it’s social and economic aspects, so it is important to walk hand in hand. The more we contribute the more is used for helping the unprivileged in departments like in education, health and small-scale industries. The country requires full support of its citizens in maintaining and preserving the resources and facilities provided by the government for its people.
“I flourish, We flourish and so our Country flourish”.

I have given you 3 main reasons to pay taxes and if you feel it is very tiring paper task to do, then leave your laziness back and do e-filling with help of platforms like H&R block. I assure you will never be in (lazy) defaulters list again, go check out this video about H&R block and do the needful for the nation.

 “I’m taking the #TaxPledge to file IT returns with the easyIncome Tax efiling option from H&R Block at BlogAdda.

Lookout this space for reasons why one pays taxes for self satisfaction.


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