Wednesday 29 October 2014

Build Firewall for Good Health

“Your health is your real wealth” these golden words quoted by Mahatma Gandhi clearly depicts that one should always strive to be healthy and rest all just follows. And one always wishes their friends and family in good health, so “Bless me and my near and dear ones with good health” is constant in every prayer.

”Good health = Happiness, Peace and Prosperity”. But what need to be done apart from praying for good health. Is it an expensive, lengthy process that one needs to follow or there is a key to good health? To understand it clearly let’s take an simple example.   The way we protect our electronic devices with anti virus and various other protectors so that it remains safe and if any virus by chance affects our devices, then the effect is not that major. Those who are used to the terminology would say that we are building a firewall for our system.

In a similar fashion a firewall is required for us too. Our healthy food habits and fit body would work as firewall if any sickness affects us. Though we follow a particular regime for keeping ourselves fit but the infections among kids is unavoidable. Children easily become the trap of viruses in air and fall ill. The time child is happy and cheerful, entire house also cheers along, and if they fall ill then the whole tempo of the house goes down. Being a parent I can very well say this. And any illness takes a high toll now a day, as we are not immune as we used to be few decades ago. Blame it on lifestyle or extra caution’s things are getting serious. A simple fever takes time to cure and leaves a great impact on the body. Appetite loss in illness leads to weight loss, which is a crucial concern for infants and toddlers.

Whatever you may do, but taking care of health is of prime importance in life. One eats healthy food or at least tries their best to have for good and long living.
Following a simple routine and by minimal efforts if one gets a life long gift, then why not gift us a healthy living. Healthy living will assures of happy living too; so it’s vice versa process. “The groundwork for all happiness is good health” aptly said by Leigh Hunt. So let’s work to build an immune system a firewall of good health to fight against illness. One such way is daily intake of nutritious food and good care of selves.

“Prevention is better than cure”, famous quote by Desiderius Erasmus is heard by all and followed too. One such product that helps you follow the above quote is Dabur Chawanpraysh; which states that a spoonful of it in a day builds an immunity wall against to fight sickness. And what good about it’s is that it comes in varied flavors, so choose your flavor to build a firewall. On a lighter note one builds mango flavored wall while other mixed fruit one. To know about it’s rich contents in product, check this link

Finally I would say take good care of your self, as each life is precious. “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” -Jim Rohn

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Monday 27 October 2014

Unique Vow for Togetherness- #GadgetFree

“We are going to be married soon, and I want special promise from you Malik”, said Ramona.

 She continued “As we are from software background, I wish we vow to take off from gadgets for a day in week or a week off in year to spend time with each other”

“It’s quite difficult in such technology dependent world, but I promise to do my best”, Malik assured.

“I am asking as we waited long for this special bond of Marriage, Ramona requested emotionally.

Malik understanding the depth of promise and emotions hidden, promptly conveyed YES by holding her hands.


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Wednesday 22 October 2014

Indian Feeling Amidst Air

Many of you would agree to the nostalgic feeling, one experience whether they are on business trip or family vacation. And most of you must be nodding in agreement that, we miss a lot when we are away from something. There can be list of many things which we miss, say for example our buddies, relatives, the food and many more. When we travel to a foreign country we long for either returning back soon or we look for the similar environment there and find solace if we get one. Maya Angelou very aptly quoted that, “The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.”

Even if you are travelling to another destination the excitement and exploring it destination is more but somewhere, our country reminds when we are away from it. Though you are travelling to another country you take your nations pride with you. Ralph Waldo Emerson wonderfully quoted Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not. I being an Indian would cherish the Indianess always. And if I get chance to feel connected to my nation always it is more wonderful.

For example if you are at destination A then you belong to A, and once on B you belong their and relish the custom and culture, but what during the time of travel. In amidst the air when one is leaving India, the transition is what matters. And how about getting a home like atmosphere during travel; yes its true,Lufthansa airlines give you more Indian feeling than ever. How wonderful is the feeling to feel Indianess when apart; that too in mid of clouds

And similarly the feeling gets sentimental, who are travelling to India. Before stepping in India they get to look at the heart warming welcome from airlines. Even before landing on our homeland we start feeling as though we are already there. Imagine you are being served gulab jamun in flight that too by German airlines, now this one is quite interesting.

Punctuality is expected by any leading airline, but being so Indian melts my heart. This shows that India is broadening its culture all over.  As India is looked as an upcoming nation, other countries feel to make things Indianised for the travelers.
Feeling Indianess with Lufthansa

Travelling experience starts right from your journey, the way you reach your destined place for work or for vacations is more important. If the start itself is so smooth then one may expect the end also smooth enough. It’s like if one feels more bumps in start of the ride then rest goes in vain, like a doctor who could detect the right disease would cure the patient soon. As I am Indian I miss it when I travel. So I believe that the steps taken up by the airlines to give an homely atmosphere is really a thoughtful attempt which shows how much care has been taken to understand the feelings of the people onboard.

Finally I would only quote by Hilaire Belloc "We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.

So next time choosing Lufthansa Airlines, will make your on board journey a pleasure experience. Have a look at TVC of Lufthansa, and you would have instant feeling that they are more Indian than you think. 


Tuesday 21 October 2014

Be ready to glow this Diwali !!

Why not someday let someone smile,
By our love and care to pile,
Every bit we put with pride,
Adds some glitter to our life.

Why not become a spark of light,
Glow this Diwali, with kindness inside.

Why not someday we clap with friends,
When they need us instant,
Burst out crackers of laughter,
Life is about to pace faster.

Why not become a spark of light,
Glow this Diwali with buddies beside.

Why not someday we extend our hands,
To help come out from a stance,
Every moment you beam,
Let’s try to slightly gleam.

Why not become a spark of light,
Glow this Diwali, with happiness in life.

Why not some day we give up vengeance,
Simple life adds great refulgence
This Diwali let’s build a hope
Let’s untie knots of life in rope

 Why not become a spark of light,
Glow this Diwali, with bundles of joy.

Diwali - A festival of togetherness

Why not someday lighten our house,
With brightness filled with a cause
Let us take an extra leap,
To polish each bit in heap.

Why not become a spark of light,
Glow this Diwali, with warmth of love.

Why not we break all barriers,
Free ourselves from chains of anger
It is the time to come close by,
One would definitely find one nearby.

Why not become a spark of light,
Glow this Diwali, with oneness and no bounds.

Why not today we ask our souls,
Why not each day we gleam like those.
Radiating lots of glee around,
That every heart goes leaps and bounds.

Why not become a spark of light,
Glow this Diwali, with wealth of life.

Wishing You all a Happy Diwali !!!

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Saturday 18 October 2014

Wish-list yet to be fulfilled

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It was a day to visit an orphanage a trip organized from our school. I was little nervous and excited too as I did not ever visited an orphanage before but I had heard about it from my teachers and parents.

After travelling for about an hour my school bus reached the place. I could see a huge entrance gate on which was written “My first home”. The orphanage covered a huge area with plantations all around the campus. We were introduced to the children living there. There were kids of all ages who were very happy to meet us.

One little girl was scribbling on paper silently in the corner of a play area while all were busy playing around. I just stopped by her out of curiosity to know what had kept this little one busy with. I introduced myself to her and asked her what she was writing. She was very excited and told me that “winter is coming” and again bowed to write on her paper. I overlooked and could hardly make out her handwriting but could read a few words…doll, blue scarf, pencil….and the list went on. 

While writing she told me that as winter has come she is quickly jotting down few things she wants them as a gift from Santa on Christmas. She sadly added that last year she did not receive any gifts but this time she hopes for the one and that’s why making list to give it to Santa.

Hearing her words left me still I could feel the cold breeze sweeping on my face. I thought how blessed we kids are that we get everything before we could realize its need and importance.

I told her that this time your wish list is on the top priority. I made up my mind to visit this place on Christmas and try to fulfill that little girls wish.

Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love - Anonymous

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Friday 17 October 2014

Write Your Beliefs: Reason why WE blog

My friend asked me, do you agree what you write in the posts. I was shocked at a moment and answered, “Of course, I believe what I write”; isn’t it natural. For which she just smiled and shrugged it off. This question made me pen down this post.

“Write it down, you will remember much better”, is what I remember teachers saying. Be it mathematic tables, formulas, or a scientific explanation, writing them again and again, made me understand the things and registered in mind too. It’s actually a cyclic process, what you write you believe and what you believe you write. Confused! Let me keep my point in much simpler manner.

The facts we agree are written down so easily, without given a second thought. For example if one is given a pen to test, then one would initially scribble and when asked to write and see, they would write name or some phrase which they completely trust, because one is so sure to write what you completely believe. Contrastingly, if a say write down in a paper “I have done wrong today”, one would naturally hesitate, though by just writing the person may not become wrong.  

That’s why I always feel that, one should write what they completely believe in, be it your status, comment. As your written words are your belief and your beliefs make the person you are. I completely agree with Benjamin Franklin, which says, ”Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.

It’s a proven fact that if you pen down your goals and tasks, you will be more enthusiastic to complete it, and checklist works like images pasted (on walls and doors) for inspiration to achieve them. Similarly writing beliefs make them stronger, so list down your beliefs and read it aloud. And if you can’t write a belief, then think again you may not truly agreeing to it but just following it.

Happy Writing

Your writing can change one’s perspective, make one’s day and even can bring smile or fill eyes with tears. So let your beliefs reach other through your writing. And ending with a beautiful quote by F.Scott Fitzgerald You don't write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say.

Happy Writing !

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Writing is a spiritual practice in that people that have no spiritual path can undertake it and, as they write, they begin to wake up to a larger connection. After a while, people tend to find that there is some muse that they are connecting too.


Tuesday 14 October 2014

Book Review: Chaos Down Under

‘Chaos Down Under’ is the second book under Chaos triology after ‘A Romance with Chaos’ by Nishant Kaushik.

Book Review-Chaos Down Under

The story is setup in Bytesphere Mumbai, India and revolves around the ‘IT boy’ Nakul Kapoor who flies to Australia with his team for an assignment. The story has a series of professional commitments; in which few are unnecessary sometimes raised by his seniors, clients and to his horror by his teammates too. Nakul’s life is kind of irony faced by an IT employee in journey to get recognition by his company, which also not lasts longer. And he is expected to be available 24*7, where time zone difference is not even considered.

Nakul team is a weird combination to achieve a task in short notices and is always under client’s and competitor’s eye. How a team with variation of shy Dharmaseh, charming Akshat, and extra smart ISB pass out Sammer, sensitive Radha, his love Mehek pulled up sleeve when it was much required. It was the last chance for Bytesphere to make the hostile client lean and believe them and it was Nakul’s team that had to shoulder this great responsibility. Read to know how his bosses make him write infinite status reports, which are called as SLUT by his senior Chirayu and his Oz-Mobil manager Jerry’s Velvet ride and repetitive questioning about Marlon Pacino adds to his misery.

Surprise social elements were added in Nakul’s life by his neighbor ‘Mr. Suresh Shah’, who would end his peaceful night by list of questions. Mr.Shah’s dinner almost spoiled his most awaited lunch of life with Mehek and her parents. But it’s Mr.Shah who helped Nakul with advices, which were actually forcefully given and rarely required.

  • How few times Nakul drinking made him land in trouble is stupendously notated.
  • And the book offers various incidents where Nakul imagines a sequence of events if he could actually do; it’s hilarious to imagine them.
  • Author’s writing style is very realistic, as anyone would imagine himself or herself reading the book. I could myself relate to appraisal process and sending
  • Nakul’s emotional bond with him was satisfactory carved and the sequences just before the final meeting are impressively penned.
  • The titles of each chapter are very well written which keeps you enthralled to your seat and the cover page is well designed that any manager would feel so ;-)

Final word:

The narration is free flowing and the characters are so well framed. Humor in the story kept me hooked to the book and they were times when my giggles were much louder. Go get grab your copy for a wonderful read this weekend and feel stress free. I am waiting for the next part of the Chaos triology.

Book Details

Author: Nishant Kaushik
Publisher: Rupa Publications
ISBN: 978-81-291-2430-2
Genre: Indian Corporate Fiction
Pages: 281
Price: 295 INR
My rating: 4/5

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Monday 13 October 2014

Learn to Grow : MicroFiction

“Misty Musicals” will not be able to go further for next round of international musical fest”, announced one of the jury members.

“Oh no! Why did it happen to us Sam?", Kanak asked dejectedly.

“Hey! Its not the time to feel disappointed; one should be proud to be a part of the fest as only a lucky few get to perform here”, Serra encouraged all her band members.

“Serra is right, we have come all over to a different country and our participation has definitely helped to broaden our horizon “, Sam spoke proudly.

"Each failure is learning curve."


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Tuesday 7 October 2014

Small but Great Reminder

“I am leaving” Samrat banged the main door.

Speeding on bike, while driving to work that morning, he decide to go back home after seeing a black seed like stuff which reminded him of some other thing.

Radha opened the door at the first bell and hugged him tight saying “Sorry, I didn’t want you to serve extra roasted toast”.

“It’s alright Radha, I should have not reacted that harsh; now stop crying, look I bought fresh Samosa and jalebi for breakfast”.

“So, it’s your hunger that made you drive back and not my love”, Radha winked smilingly.


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Sunday 5 October 2014

Sojourn for Tracing Past

Team Maximus Dramaticus

Read the 24th part story of Round 3 here "The Past Revealed"

Cyrus holding the Jennifer diary tightly close to his heart and felt the pain Jenny had gone through.  A series of event flashed in front of his eyes, the sea was calm and one could hear only waves sound, but Cyrus heard Jennifer plead to the ladies.

Tears dropped from his eyes for her; but the question that remained intact through out the process was how could Jenny go so far. Everything went blank for Cyrus, he could not feel the breeze, and the night seemed quiet than never before. Sitting in balcony on a cane chair Cyrus slept after seeing the sunrise, thinking still there is hope after each dark night.

Cyrus woke up listening to ring tone of his phone, rubbing his eyes; he took out phone from his pajamas and looked at it, Tara’s name was flashing.

Clearing his throat Cyrus picked the call “Hello Tara”. Tara with a relief said “You both are okay? When are you guys returning?”
“We are returning today Tara, no need to worry we are safe”, Cyrus calmed Tara.
“OK, come safely and be vigilant Cyrus”, Tara ordered like an elder sister.

Cyrus understood Tara’s concern and couldn’t resist and said “Tara, I need to tell you something really important”.

“Yes, Cyrus tell me, what happened”, Tara assured Cyrus; there was a knock on the door and Cyrus hanged the phone saying “I shall tell you Tara once I reach Delhi”.


Cyrus opened the door and saw Jenny standing with a tray of coffee mugs, smilingly greeted “Good Morning Cyrus”.

Cyrus for a moment forgot everything while gazing at Jenny’s attractive face and after few seconds resumed back the conversation and answered, “Morning Jenny, please come”.

Jenny looked at the single bed that lay in that room, and noticed it was intact, blanket folded and pillow in it’s correct position. She questioned Cyrus “Didn’t you sleep yesterday Cyrus?”

I did sleep Jenny, actually little late, nice coffee Jenny” Cyrus tried to avoid any conversation about the diary.

Actually Jenny was also hesitant to start any discussion over the diary and reminded Cyrus that in few hours they need to leave for airport.


In Delhi, Aryan was tracking down on the Professor Paresh case, asked his team to track the call details of Paresh so that they can get the lead. Aryan gets the call from his junior the SUV KL_______, was crossed at Connaught Place check post. The cctv footage shows a well dressed person driving, and it doesn’t seem as driver, you can have a look sir. Aryan heads to the control room to have a look at the person, as SUV was the main lead in this case.


Cyrus and Jenny board the flight to Delhi. After the flight takes off Cyrus holds Jenny’s hand and said, “I could understand Jenny what you went through, but you went too far dear”.

Jenny tears rolled out and she thought now is the time to unfold the story completely. Jenny started explaining that in first few meetings with Lallan were in bar.
Jenny continued, “When I met him I was completely drunk and told him each and everything that’s written in diary, or maybe more.”  

In next meeting Lallan made me completely trust him, and I like fool trusted him, Initially the favors were photographs of girls but later on that turned into girl trafficking.
Jenny broke out, to which Cyrus could only console him, but still he never wanted Jenny to get so cruel to take someone life.

Jenny slept on his shoulder, and Cy also caught a quick nap, as he was also tired.


As soon as flight landed the first thing Cy wanted was to visit Tara, as she is the only person with whom he could talk his heart out.

“Hey Cy! Here is the way out for the taxi, what happened? Jenny asked though she knew how much her past has disturbed him.

“Jennifer I’ll drop you at your hotel and I will leave for a urgent work to finish.” Cyrus lied to Jenny.

After Jenny got down from the taxi, Cyrus holding her hand and said “I completely understand you Jenny, now only you need to do is trust me”.

Jenny smiled and with a great relief conveyed with a nod that she trusted Cyrus more than ever.

As the taxi geared up after leaving Jennifer, Cyrus called Tara and in a hush voice said, “Tara, there is something very important I need to tell you and I have an important evidence to show. Please come down stairs in the room next to study, so that we both can have a talk.”

Tara just replied, “Ok Cyrus, I am waiting”.

“Hi Cyrus how are you. You look pale dear. Is everything fine?” Tara enquired.

Cyrus broke down seeing Tara. Tara got a glass of water for Cyrus and pulled a chair for him to sit and asked him to relax. She could understand that something vital must have occurred.

Cyrus after regaining his self, took out the diary from the bag, and showed to Tara and narrated the whole incidents written in it and her cruel past.

“The girl is not worthy Cyrus”, Tara angrily looked at Cyrus though knowing what he felt for Jenny.

“I know she went far, but Lallan is the one who committed the crime”, Cyrus defended Jenny, his love.

“What are you up to Cyrus? After finding out so much, how can you still believe a girl like Jenny? Cyrus its time to act”, angrily Tara went near the window to have a better look at the diary as only one light was in working condition.

Tara frowned and murmured this diary is not that old.


Jennifer opens the room and the moment she switch on the light, she receives a call. This was a call from Lallan; she picked the call hurriedly.

“You are acting too smart”, Lallan shouted

Jennifer calmed him down by saying “Relax Lallan, this was more important”,.

“Vanishing for a day, and that too with crook Cyrus”, Lallan was furious over her and asked “Is work done?”

“Yes! I did it. Handed diary to him, now he will be studying that diary as he was busy studying his files”, Jenny laughed with a grin.

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