Tuesday 21 October 2014

Be ready to glow this Diwali !!

Why not someday let someone smile,
By our love and care to pile,
Every bit we put with pride,
Adds some glitter to our life.

Why not become a spark of light,
Glow this Diwali, with kindness inside.

Why not someday we clap with friends,
When they need us instant,
Burst out crackers of laughter,
Life is about to pace faster.

Why not become a spark of light,
Glow this Diwali with buddies beside.

Why not someday we extend our hands,
To help come out from a stance,
Every moment you beam,
Let’s try to slightly gleam.

Why not become a spark of light,
Glow this Diwali, with happiness in life.

Why not some day we give up vengeance,
Simple life adds great refulgence
This Diwali let’s build a hope
Let’s untie knots of life in rope

 Why not become a spark of light,
Glow this Diwali, with bundles of joy.

Diwali - A festival of togetherness

Why not someday lighten our house,
With brightness filled with a cause
Let us take an extra leap,
To polish each bit in heap.

Why not become a spark of light,
Glow this Diwali, with warmth of love.

Why not we break all barriers,
Free ourselves from chains of anger
It is the time to come close by,
One would definitely find one nearby.

Why not become a spark of light,
Glow this Diwali, with oneness and no bounds.

Why not today we ask our souls,
Why not each day we gleam like those.
Radiating lots of glee around,
That every heart goes leaps and bounds.

Why not become a spark of light,
Glow this Diwali, with wealth of life.

Wishing You all a Happy Diwali !!!

@ Meenal


  1. Kindness inside, buddies beside, happiness in life, bundle of joy, warmth of love, oneness and no bounds, wealth of life - these are the 7 jewels that can make us a life long millionaire. I am ready to glow my Diwali with these jewels.

  2. This is such a beautiful poem. Each and every word is so motivating. It makes us realise the power of diyas and the hope that comes from light.

  3. This is a beautiful poem and it touched by heart completely. The way you presented clearly depicts how much love you have within your heart. Stay blessed

  4. Wow amazing. you poem has add a such a meaningful approach to diwali celebration. If everyone include these beautiful positive emotions in their diwali celebration, then world will become a better place to live. wishing a happy diwali to you and your family.

  5. Beautifully written. I loved how you expressed things so beautifully. Wish you a very happy diwali in advance.

  6. I really love the way you mentioned the values one should hold in their life. So beautifully written and expressed the real meaning of glowing!!

  7. what a beautiful expression to motivate this diwali. Better not only clean the outside but inside your body too with these beautiful wealth of life........ Love it

  8. Kindness, family, friends, happiness and love are the things that make Diwali special. Life is beautiful if we treasure and cherish them.

  9. This is so apt message one can give on this festival. I also believe that it is important to make Diwali brighter of everyone around. It might be financially or by just physically being there.

  10. Such a beautiful poem for this festive season. Yes be the light in all the positive facets and even you will be happy within. Lovely.


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