Monday 27 October 2014

Unique Vow for Togetherness- #GadgetFree

“We are going to be married soon, and I want special promise from you Malik”, said Ramona.

 She continued “As we are from software background, I wish we vow to take off from gadgets for a day in week or a week off in year to spend time with each other”

“It’s quite difficult in such technology dependent world, but I promise to do my best”, Malik assured.

“I am asking as we waited long for this special bond of Marriage, Ramona requested emotionally.

Malik understanding the depth of promise and emotions hidden, promptly conveyed YES by holding her hands.


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Word Count - 100 & Linked to
Five Sentence Fiction - Marriage, Friday Fictioneers & Indispire - Edition 36 - Off from Gadgets


  1. SUCH a good idea. Put those gadgets down and learn to interact with each other!
    Well written.

  2. How much of that is possible in the gadget ruling world! Nevertheless, no harm in trying. You might learn something new about your beloved. :) Good one.

    1. Hope can only make things possible Vinitha, and such vow will bind us to do so :)

  3. I went to a wedding this year, out in a farm field. Thought that was UNUSUAL!


    1. Roger, sometimes unusual things makes people happy :)


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