Tuesday 7 October 2014

Small but Great Reminder

“I am leaving” Samrat banged the main door.

Speeding on bike, while driving to work that morning, he decide to go back home after seeing a black seed like stuff which reminded him of some other thing.

Radha opened the door at the first bell and hugged him tight saying “Sorry, I didn’t want you to serve extra roasted toast”.

“It’s alright Radha, I should have not reacted that harsh; now stop crying, look I bought fresh Samosa and jalebi for breakfast”.

“So, it’s your hunger that made you drive back and not my love”, Radha winked smilingly.


Word Count - 98 & Linked to
Five Sentence Fiction - Hunger & Friday Fictioneers & Fact Fiction Challenge - Prompt 40


  1. ohh nice one. :)
    btw check my blog for some motivational content. http://theuprisingdemon.blogspot.in/2014/10/10-minutes-of-amazing-motivation.html

  2. Cute story and sweet. Great job! Nan :)

  3. Great work and amazing how you combined all the prompts. :-)


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