Saturday, 18 October 2014

Wish-list yet to be fulfilled

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It was a day to visit an orphanage a trip organized from our school. I was little nervous and excited too as I did not ever visited an orphanage before but I had heard about it from my teachers and parents.

After travelling for about an hour my school bus reached the place. I could see a huge entrance gate on which was written “My first home”. The orphanage covered a huge area with plantations all around the campus. We were introduced to the children living there. There were kids of all ages who were very happy to meet us.

One little girl was scribbling on paper silently in the corner of a play area while all were busy playing around. I just stopped by her out of curiosity to know what had kept this little one busy with. I introduced myself to her and asked her what she was writing. She was very excited and told me that “winter is coming” and again bowed to write on her paper. I overlooked and could hardly make out her handwriting but could read a few words…doll, blue scarf, pencil….and the list went on. 

While writing she told me that as winter has come she is quickly jotting down few things she wants them as a gift from Santa on Christmas. She sadly added that last year she did not receive any gifts but this time she hopes for the one and that’s why making list to give it to Santa.

Hearing her words left me still I could feel the cold breeze sweeping on my face. I thought how blessed we kids are that we get everything before we could realize its need and importance.

I told her that this time your wish list is on the top priority. I made up my mind to visit this place on Christmas and try to fulfill that little girls wish.

Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love - Anonymous

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  1. i too gifted sweets and biscuits to kids of workers making road in my society... felt great...

    1. That is so thoughtful of you Rashi, be the happiness quotient to many.


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