Tuesday 14 October 2014

Book Review: Chaos Down Under

‘Chaos Down Under’ is the second book under Chaos triology after ‘A Romance with Chaos’ by Nishant Kaushik.

Book Review-Chaos Down Under

The story is setup in Bytesphere Mumbai, India and revolves around the ‘IT boy’ Nakul Kapoor who flies to Australia with his team for an assignment. The story has a series of professional commitments; in which few are unnecessary sometimes raised by his seniors, clients and to his horror by his teammates too. Nakul’s life is kind of irony faced by an IT employee in journey to get recognition by his company, which also not lasts longer. And he is expected to be available 24*7, where time zone difference is not even considered.

Nakul team is a weird combination to achieve a task in short notices and is always under client’s and competitor’s eye. How a team with variation of shy Dharmaseh, charming Akshat, and extra smart ISB pass out Sammer, sensitive Radha, his love Mehek pulled up sleeve when it was much required. It was the last chance for Bytesphere to make the hostile client lean and believe them and it was Nakul’s team that had to shoulder this great responsibility. Read to know how his bosses make him write infinite status reports, which are called as SLUT by his senior Chirayu and his Oz-Mobil manager Jerry’s Velvet ride and repetitive questioning about Marlon Pacino adds to his misery.

Surprise social elements were added in Nakul’s life by his neighbor ‘Mr. Suresh Shah’, who would end his peaceful night by list of questions. Mr.Shah’s dinner almost spoiled his most awaited lunch of life with Mehek and her parents. But it’s Mr.Shah who helped Nakul with advices, which were actually forcefully given and rarely required.

  • How few times Nakul drinking made him land in trouble is stupendously notated.
  • And the book offers various incidents where Nakul imagines a sequence of events if he could actually do; it’s hilarious to imagine them.
  • Author’s writing style is very realistic, as anyone would imagine himself or herself reading the book. I could myself relate to appraisal process and sending
  • Nakul’s emotional bond with him was satisfactory carved and the sequences just before the final meeting are impressively penned.
  • The titles of each chapter are very well written which keeps you enthralled to your seat and the cover page is well designed that any manager would feel so ;-)

Final word:

The narration is free flowing and the characters are so well framed. Humor in the story kept me hooked to the book and they were times when my giggles were much louder. Go get grab your copy for a wonderful read this weekend and feel stress free. I am waiting for the next part of the Chaos triology.

Book Details

Author: Nishant Kaushik
Publisher: Rupa Publications
ISBN: 978-81-291-2430-2
Genre: Indian Corporate Fiction
Pages: 281
Price: 295 INR
My rating: 4/5

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