Thursday, 18 May 2023

How To Teach Children Money Management

 In a world where every aspect of life is moving rapidly, it becomes imperative for all of us to catch the pace of it. As a parent, your primary responsibility is to ingrain life virtues in your children early to prepare them for the world. Additionally, teaching them the basics of finance and financial literacy can significantly contribute to building their confidence. 

Financial literacy that begins at an early stage helps to develop a rich value system whereby they learn the importance of what they possess. They can be taught the difference between necessary and unnecessary expenses and how to prioritize spending. Financial know-how helps the kids to make better monetary decisions and inculcate the habit of saving and investing in the right direction.

But one must avoid risking hard-earned money to create the finance lessons learned, for this simulation games come into the picture. 

money saving games - auraofthoughts

Wednesday, 10 May 2023

Mothers Futuristic Vision with HSBC


Mothers play a key role in taking financial decisions for the family. They are the front runners of the family, always there in any situation selflessly. HSBC mutual funds also walk with us giving the same warmth as that of a mother. Let's look at how HSBC mutual funds comes to our rescue and guide us in different ways.

For more details, you can visit the HSBC websiteAlso, readers are requested to fill in this form to help you understand better and have your queries answered by the brand.

Friday, 21 April 2023

Inside Story of Storytellers Bloghop

Spinning stories and weaving it's each thread with utmost care is an art that fiction writers do it brilliantly. With the thought to connect all fiction writers and push novice fiction writers; to dive into the love of fiction writing, the seed of StorytellersBloghop germinated in 2021. 

Storytellers Saga

A partner in this endeavor was a good idea; then we, MeenalSonal, approached our dear Blogger friend Ujjwal Mishra and crafted the shape of Storytellers Bloghop step by step. Ujjwal has workable ideas and is quick to frame guidelines on a particular subject. We all work in sync as we have worked together for decades. Each of us pitches in when the other two are occupied and keep the show running. 

Monday, 3 April 2023

How to guide your child with a career choice

Now that the 10th boards have wrapped up, it's time to ponder the significant juncture of life and find the answer to the monstrous question, "Which career option to opt for in class 11"?

While most have clear goals and career paths in mind at this turning point, many children find this task very difficult. Significant boards like CBSE are working towards easing these students' confusion by allowing them to select basic mathematics for those who want to opt out of math in a future class. And for those who wish to pursue a career in fields where math is the primary requirement, then they can appear for standard mathematics board paper.

The significant role here is for parents who can better guide their child to plan a career graph wisely. Making this big decision is not easy for both parents and the child yet keeping in mind a few aspects can ease things out.

Guide your child with right career choice after 10th board

Let's see what five mistakes' parents should avoid when choosing their children's career options after the 10th board.

Tuesday, 14 March 2023

Book Review: Sorcery of the Senses by Tanima Das

The five sense organs of our body constantly guide us throughout our life for a purpose that sometimes we fail to understand. The book Sorcery Of The Senses by Tanima Das uniquely portrays this ideology. 

Book Cover: 

The cover is simple, highlighting the title at the center. The backdrop shows the caricature of a lady with a bow and an arrow.

The Plot: 

The story starts with the introduction of the central character, Dhruv, who is juggling to settle things in his not-so-good married life with Juthika. He keeps visiting his parents house in Raukipur in search of peace that would at least revive his last bit of will to live. 

The parental house brings more surprises than he ever thought of. He opens an old trunk in the store room, thinking that his childhood belongings would bring him some solace. He meets Drishti, the sense of vision, and Sparsha, the sense of touch. They took Dhruv in his past life when he was a woman with supervision and the miraculous healing power of a touch, respectively.

Both senses explain to him that he is here to fulfill a mission left unsolved in his past lives. Will Dhruv listen to his feelings, or will his senses betray him in the present life, too? It is worth the read. 

Saturday, 4 March 2023

Know What is Women's Greatest Support System

We have always heard that behind every man, there is a woman, but this is also very much true that behind every successful woman, there is a woman with firm determination. A determination to wade through the social barriers to light a better world for women like you and me. 

Let us understand how a woman can be a women's greatest support system!

What I am today is only your thought:

It is the epitome of strength a woman has taken to reach where they are, and that is only possible when the mindset is progressive. Being an ambassador of change is a challenging road to walk. It is the perseverance to rise above all the hurdles and redefine self and the people around them.

A women is a women's greatest support system.

Tuesday, 14 February 2023

Short Story: Imperishable Love Story: Sheen & Erum


I am Sheen. I believe the world is full of surprises, emotions, expectations, and love. An innocent bond of love expects nothing, just a little place in a humble heart.

It was a bright day. The golden glaze pierced through the sky's cottony curtains to explore life. It was a relief after a blizzard that trapped Erum and me inside an old cottage for 4 long days. I clearly remember the day I met him. It's been 8 years of togetherness or, more aptly, 6 years.

Winters in Kashmir are highly unpredictable, where every hook and corner is covered with a white drape. I enjoy the beautiful terrains of the valley where nature has carved some marvelous creations on earth. But for me, Erum was god's best creation ever.

I came to Kashmir along with my mother and cousins. The place soaked me entirely in its mesmerizing charm. Our abode was a houseboat. There were rows of precisely similar-looking attractive houseboats running along the banks of Dal Lake, appearing as though narrating thousands of stories to the calm waters.

A walk down the valley was my favorite pastime every day. That day, my mom was hesitant to send me out as the unpredictable weather could take enormous form. But I assured her I would return home early.

Sunday, 29 January 2023

Achieve Your Financial Goals in 7 Simple Steps

 As we have already entered the New Year, most of us must have planned a better financial year. Whether we are planning budgets to purchase our desired things or saving the amount for the future, whatever the reason, managing finances is a crucial part of every household. And being financially literate is one of the essential parts of life.

Sometimes the habits we have been following for ages also account for financial planning. Let us see a few ways to control finances and save money for future goals to meet.

Easy finance tips

Saturday, 21 January 2023

What Is The Meaning Of the 21-Gun Salute On Republic Day?

It's our 74th year since the first inception of the Indian constitution on 26 January 1950. The day marks celebrations across the country, and we all look forward to the various events at the Rajpath in New Delhi. Our Republic Day processions include multiple events occurring in a particular order year by year with the same finesse and discipline. Each Republic Day celebration event holds its significance and historical backing. One moment that fills our hearts with pride is the 21-gun salute to honor our President of the country and our national flag. 

So, let's understand more about this honor.

Saturday, 14 January 2023

Book Review No Shadow Without Light by Luke Gracias

With time, a person evolves, and with time nature changes. No Shadow Without Light by Luke Gracias is a fiction book that is a sequel to 'The Devil's Prayer.' The book deals with a subject relatable to everyone who loves nature and wishes for a sustainable life. Let us look at the gripping fiction story that takes you worldwide.

Book Cover: 

The plain black cover with a cross and devil sign merged keeps it clear that the story revolves around God & the Devil. A pinch of light sparkling at the cross justifies the book's title.

Story Plot: 

The story is set from the year 2014 to the year 2021 when Siobhan is on the hunt to find the reason for her mother's death. Her sister Jess and grandmother Edith are not involved at the start of the hunt, but later on, they are also roped in by the circumstances. Siobhan has to find 12 pages to save the world from falling into the devil's hand, and each step to each letter is filled with many difficulties. Inspector Luca Reginalli played a crucial role in the story walking hand in hand with Siobhan at each hunt for the Page. Can Siobhan gather all the pages of the letter, or does she stake her loved ones, for it is totally worth reading it?