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Happinetz fights Mobile Addiction in Kids

 Parenting is a beautiful journey, filled with care and concern for children. In this digital age, using the Internet is a necessity and parents take care to provide the gadgets that children need. At the same time, there is concern in the mind of a parent regarding excessive usage and the irrelevant content that keeps popping up. This can distract the child's attention and even lead to mobile addiction.

The gadget-friendly kids today require laptops and mobiles for many reasons, from downloading their assignments and study materials for research to entertainment. Of course, you will not want your child to be separated from their gadget friends. At the same time, parents are skeptical regarding their safety online.

Thankfully, there is a device called Happinetz, safe internet for kids, that can help parents set boundaries around internet usage for their children. 

Before I talk more about our experience with Happinetz, let’s see some key contributors to how children might develop mobile addiction:

How Mobile Addiction Develops Among Children

In the modern digital landscape, children's mobile addiction can trace its roots to several factors:

1. Instant Gratification: 

Mobile devices provide instant access to entertainment, information, and social interaction. This instant gratification can lead to impulsive behavior and a preference for screen time over other activities that require more patience and effort.

2. Escapism: 

Mobile devices can be used as a way to escape feelings of boredom, stress, or emotional discomfort. Children may turn to their devices to avoid dealing with difficult emotions or challenges.

3. Social Connection: 

Social media and messaging apps offer a platform for social interaction, especially appealing to children and teenagers seeking validation, acceptance, and a sense of belonging.

4. Peer Pressure:

It is common for kids to feel the need to conform to their peers' actions. For instance, when their friends spend extended periods on mobile devices, they may feel the urge to follow suit to fit in.

5. Lack of Alternative Activities:

Children need access to various engaging offline activities to rely on something other than screens for entertainment.

To prevent or address mobile addiction in children, parents and caregivers wish for a solution that can bring balance among children and shun away the stress tag of parents.

The primary challenge is to find a balance where we can protect children from the variety of age-inappropriate content offered on the internet versus providing a safe space for children that doesn't break their rhythm of learning nor blocks new ideas. 

You might be surprised but Happinetz has a solution for all this. This revolutionary product guards your child from unwanted websites and harmful links but allows your child to surf the internet safely. 

Some highlights from the Happinetz System:

Easy installation

Protects privacy of child

A safety net that is just a click away

Sharing first-hand experience of Happinetz and how it helps in fighting mobile addiction in kids 

Helps Set Clear Limits: 

Guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO) emphasize that for children under five to develop in a healthy manner, it's crucial to reduce screen time, limit time spent sitting or restrained, ensure good sleep quality, and prioritize ample time for active play. Until age 1 screen time is not recommended.

For 2-year-olds, limiting sedentary screen time to an hour is recommended, with even less being preferable.

For children aged 3-4, it's recommended to limit sedentary screen time to a maximum of 1 hour, with even less being preferable. During times of being sedentary, actively participating in reading and storytelling with a caregiver is encouraged.

Happinetz allows you to set the internet time for your kids through its personalized screen time manager. It has kid and teen modes that can be set as per your children's ages. 

Encourages Balanced Activities: 

As the internet slot times are fixed with Happinetz, the child leaves their gadget once the time runs out and indulges in offline activities such as sports, arts and crafts, reading, and outdoor play. 

A unique feature, Happinetz Reward Cardz, are also a great way of rewarding good behaviour. The App prompts when a child should receive a card and each card has simple activities that can reinforce the screen time limits.

Open Communication: 

While installing Happinetz, I discussed the importance of balanced screen time and the potential consequences of excessive use. I encouraged my children to share their feelings about their device usage and how a few settings on the Happinetz WIFI will help them explore their area of interest without landing on pages that are not meant for them. 

Educating about Online Risks: 

Teaching children how to navigate through dangers online is a must for all parents. After plugging in the Happinetz Box and setting the age limit for the child, protecting them becomes easier.The Happinetz System organizes websites and apps into 15 categories for filtering purposes. You can easily enable or disable these categories (excluding Adult & Security and Safe Search) by using a toggle button. With this feature we can rest assured that they will be safe from harm.

Supporting Emotional Well-being: 

With the one-time setting and open conversation, children develop healthy coping mechanisms for stress and emotions, making them less likely to turn to screens for comfort.

Remember that addressing mobile addiction requires a balanced and empathetic approach. Understanding the underlying reasons for a child's screen time habits and working together as a family to create a healthier relationship with technology is essential.

I have plugged in my happiness through Happinetz. You too can do this by connecting your Happinetz Box. Get one today here



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  10. Peer pressure is a real thing even for small children and I have seen as young as 6 year old kids having their own mobile phones. Every parent should get the Happinetz box to not only provide safe internet to their kids but to also fight mobile addiction.


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