Friday 29 April 2016

Question - Haiku

Tear's apart quagmire
Though tender in character
Can seed a tantrum

aura of thoughts - Poem on Question
Character of QUESTION is Unique

Sharing this Haiku with 3WWW#477 - Tear, Tender,Tantrum


Sunday 24 April 2016

GRAND experience with Grandparents

Story telling is always a special experience, be it to the narrator or to the listener. This activity is so creative that makes one engrossed, that one reaches fantasy world and adventurous world through it.

We all must have experienced it and most effective story telling is from grandparents one get to know them more as person through this process. Grandparents also enacts all the voices of the characters and expression besides relive the child in them & children too love listening to each detailing as they enjoy each moment of it.

Aura of Thoughts - Grandparent experience

I too experienced story-telling session with my grandmother.  She used to narrate many mythological stories and one of my favorites is of devotee Prehlad and his father Hriankashyap.

Friday 22 April 2016

IPL - I Pledge to Love Mother Earth : Poetry for Kids on Earth Day

Nature has bestowed selflessly many things for us; it is our duty to channelize the real nature's treasure in efficiently.
The younger generation needs to understand the importance and values for preserving the environment. 

Our mother earth is a treasure trove of incredible things that selflessly pour their benefits for all of us. It's time to show our gratitude towards nature by contributing our bit. Involving the younger generation in this virtue is very important to make them understand the worthiness of resource conservation. It is our bit in the form of poetry for kids on Earth Hour to contemplate the entire scenario in a the form that will be enjoyed by them and would leave an impact on their innocent minds.

Poetry for kids- Earth Day Poetry - AuraOfThoughts