Tuesday 14 February 2023

Short Story: Imperishable Love Story: Sheen & Erum


I am Sheen. I believe the world is full of surprises, emotions, expectations, and love. An innocent bond of love expects nothing, just a little place in a humble heart.

It was a bright day. The golden glaze pierced through the sky's cottony curtains to explore life. It was a relief after a blizzard that trapped Erum and me inside an old cottage for 4 long days. I clearly remember the day I met him. It's been 8 years of togetherness or, more aptly, 6 years.

Winters in Kashmir are highly unpredictable, where every hook and corner is covered with a white drape. I enjoy the beautiful terrains of the valley where nature has carved some marvelous creations on earth. But for me, Erum was god's best creation ever.

I came to Kashmir along with my mother and cousins. The place soaked me entirely in its mesmerizing charm. Our abode was a houseboat. There were rows of precisely similar-looking attractive houseboats running along the banks of Dal Lake, appearing as though narrating thousands of stories to the calm waters.

A walk down the valley was my favorite pastime every day. That day, my mom was hesitant to send me out as the unpredictable weather could take enormous form. But I assured her I would return home early.