Tuesday 4 November 2014

मेरा ईशवर मेरा संतोष - My God My Contentment

मेरा ईशवर - Hindi poem - MeenalSonal

सुबह शाम जिसे याद करते, 
नई शुरुवात में जिसे नमन करते, 
हमेशा एक ही संतोष रहता, 
मेरे मन में ईशवर बसता | 

चाहे कितनी ठोकरें मिले, 
चाहे कोई साथ न चले, 
हमेशा मन एक ऐसी राह खोजता, 
जहाँ हाथ थामे तू संग सदा चलता |  

मेरा मन चाहे जैसे तुझे पूजता, 
कभी कोसता, तो कभी दुलारता, 
फिर खुद ही सोच हैरान होता, 
ईशवर कभी शिकायत न करता | 

नादानी में जब तुझसे तुलना करता, 
तो जीवन एक प्रशन सा बन जाता, 
अकस्मात् यह एहसास होता, 
ईशवर तो मेरे रोम रोम में बसता | 

मेरी हर पहेली का जवाब तू, 
मेरी सारी खुशियों का भंडार तू, 
हमेशा एक ही संतोष रहता, 
दुखः में ईशवर का साथ न छूटता  | 

- मीनल 

English Translation

Morning evening who is remembered
To whom one bow in every new beginning
Always a satisfaction
God resides in my heart

Though coming across many hurdles
Though nobody walking along
My heart searches for a way
Where you walk holding my hand

The manner in which I worship you 
sometimes I blame, sometimes I cuddle
Then I get surprised on my thoughts
God never complains to me

In innocence I compare myself to you
then life becomes a question mark
Suddenly I realise 
God is in my soul

You are answer to all questions
You are treasure of happiness
Always a satisfaction
You will not leave me in sorrow



  1. Beautiful Meenal, all the reason of faith!

  2. very nice.............great poetry.........

  3. Very soothing words.. the best blog post I have read in the day so far. Your blog has given me an idea.

    I am going to cover some larger than life character in my blog in coming weeks - like Mother Teresa, Swami Vivekananda and their teachings so that we can learn from them.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Vishal.Its true that their teachings are precious,awaiting to read your posts.

  4. Beautiful lines

  5. Really nice thoughts! Yes, God is omnipresent !!


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